The World rankings based on calculations by Ultiworld Discgolf. On the women’s side we have the top 5 starting with number 5 Missy Gannon. At 4th we have Sarah Hokom. Third is Hailey King. Second is Catrina Allen. And the top of the FPO is Paige Pierce. Unfortunately I did not watch much of the FPO season this year so I can’t really argue with the rankings.

I did watch more of the MPO and before I get into here are the rankings from fifth to first. Kevin Jones, Eagle McMahon, Ricky Wysocky, Paul McBeth, and Calvin Heimburg. I’m a little surprised by these rankings. Personally, I think McBeth should be number one followed by Ricky and Calvin third. Really at this level its splitting hairs. It’s just hard to believe that McBeth is not at the top of this list. I do understand that it is a bit harder to get things accurately ranked with a majority of the 2020 season cancelled.

If you want to see a breakdown of how they came to this conclusion you head over to their site and read the article linked in the description below.

The PDGA did update their COVID-19 guidelines. From what I could tell there are no major changes. It looks more like clarifications and wording. Most of the FAQ was updated with information for TD’s and how certain scenarios should be handled.

the PDGA is hiring a Senior Accountant. Applications are accepted through 2/1/21. So if you are good with numbers and like disc golf, this is the job for you. More information can be found on the PDGA website at the link in the description below.

The EuroTour announced on January 7th that they inked a deal with Finnish production company NBDG to cover all 7 of the 2021 PDGA EuroTour events. There was a push to have professional coverage for the 2020 tour events. However, with the corona virus rearing its ugly head, many events were cancelled or postponed. Natural Born Disc Golfer Media (NBDG) to cover all rounds of the 2021 Tour with next-day shot-by-shot coverage of the MPO feature/lead card, which will be released on NBDG’s YouTube channel and free to watch for all viewers.

Events covered include [visit webpage.]

NBDG is a new company. They were founded in 2020 but managed to cover the Prodigy Pro Tour, Finnish Nations, and several other events in Finland. Their founder Juha Kyto had this to say about the coverage deal. “We are thrilled for this opportunity of working closely together with PDGA and all Euro Tour events and TD’s.”

I didn’t watch any eurotour coverage last season but I’m excited to see what they do this year. And have no fear because all events will have English coverage, top notch post-production, at least 2 cameras on the feature/lead card, and drone flyovers. To me this sounds like Euro JoMez. Which is a compliment. I think the guys a JoMez do a fantastic job.

More information can be found through the link in the description below. You can also find a link to NBDG’s YouTube page.

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