PDGA Live Scoring New Scorecard Feature

No more, ugly screen shot when you share your PDGA score card. The PDGA has updated their live scoring app to include a sharing function.

Things included:

  • Tournament
  • Name
  • Rating
  • Round(s) rating
  • Division
  • Place
  • Birdies
  • Bogies
  • Score
  • Hole scores

I really like the digital check-in, just going straight to your hole, and getting ready. The digital scorecard is also fantastic. No more worrying if you’ll get stroked for bad math. It is always great practice to have a backup on UDisc or paper copy if you like too.

Live Scoring Update

Dynamic Discs Evader

Speed 7, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 2.5

Slightly more fade than the Latitude 64 explorer…at least on paper. And with less glide. A slightly faster version of the Latitude 64 River Pro. There is no expected date for this disc to be sold.

Divergent Discs Narwhal and Leviathan

Unfortunately they did not include any promotional pictures like dynamic discs did with the evader. Judging by the profile of the disc they look to be slower discs. And a little internet sleuthing on the Divergent discs website reveals that the Narwhal is a putter that is said to be “a straight shooter with excellent glide and gets excellent distance for a putt and approach disc. It works well for curving left, right or stays straight when thrown flat, perfect for driving, approach shots, and putting!” the numbers for the narwhal are speed 3, glide 5, turn 0, fade 0. On their website they compare it to the Innova Dart. Hopefully I can get my hands on this putter and tell you what I think.

The other disc, the leviathan, is a midrange that is, “designed specifically for beginners and low power disc golfers. This is a straight flying mid that doesn’t fade much at the end of the flight even for low power players. This is a small diameter midrange  with an understable flight that is extra easy to throw. This is a thin midrange disc with a mostly flat top.

The last question you have is probably the same one I have. “Who is divergent discs?” Well, they are a company that just started selling discs on amazon in august 2020. Straight from their about page they say, “While the focus of most disc golf manufacturers is on the professional player, our focus is on the every day recreational player.” They want to keep things simple with only one type of plastic. They want their discs to be accessible to the average disc golfer, so they are easy to throw. They state that most disc golfer are happy with a 300’ throw under normal conditions. Lastly, they want their discs to be affordable. So, this means there are no paid disc golfers, no crazy marketing budget, or anything like that. They want to rely on word-of-mouth marketing which is a noble cause. I hope this company succeeds. And I still want to get my hands on one.


My Disc Golf New Year’s Goals

  • Putt 4+days/week
  • Hit 90% from 15’
  • Hit 85% from 20’
  • Hit 85% from 25’
  • Hit 85% from 30’
  • Learn forehand & backhand roller
  • Learn grenade
  • Improve backhand turnover
  • Udisc average -4 under par
    • 2020 -2.6 under par
  • Finish top 3 in MA2
  • Finish top 8 MA1
  • Lose weight (>200lbs)

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