PDGA Disc Approval

  • Orsus from LB Sport Loisir. Could not find anything about this disc. Searching the company and clicking the link only returned a 404 error. From the picture it looks like a midrange or very possibly but less likely a putter.
  • War Hammer from Black Zombie Disc Golf. Its hard to tell what it is from the overhead picture. Going off the spec sheets I would say this is a putter.
  • Jackalope from Mint Discs. Looking at the picture this would be a high speed driver. Mint discs is an Austin based company. At the time of writing this, they have 14 people sponsored. Looking up a handful of their team, they look like mostly regional players. This company has been around since 2015 and launched their first disc in 2017. They have a unique serial number on each disc. Currently, they are focused on disc production and local community growth. Hence the more regional pro sponsors.
  • The Nomad from Full Turn Discs. This one based on the spec sheet would fall under the fairway driver category is my assumption. Also the expedition was just approved as well. Based on the spec sheet this is going is a high speed driver. Full turn has been around since 2016. They have collaborated with Produscus to have discs designed and made. They are a Branson Missouri and are passionate about growing the sport. If you are looking for a 2nd tier sponsorship, I’d hit up their website and see if you think you’d be the right it for their team.
  • Hummingbird by Wild Discs. Based on the spec sheet this is going to be a putter or mid. Its hard to tell from the overhead shot used on the PDGA site. Visiting their website reveals that this is in fact a neutral putter.  This is a new company founded in 2020 and they focus on growth the sport and being environmentally friendly. If you like their discs and want to promote this message head over to their website and check out their disc golf family has to offer.
  • Skeggox form Nordisc. From the picture and the spec sheet this is a stable midrange at a speed 5, glide 5, turn 0, and fade 2.5. this is their first PDGA approved disc. Nordisc was founded by me, Jørn Idar, a family man with an extra heart for disc golf.

PDGA Target Approval

  • Birdie Lite by RAD. So this is a new lightweight disc golf target. It has 12 outer and 12 inner sets of chains. But unless you live in Australia, you can’t really get one without paying a fortune in shipping. RAD is the premiere disc golf course design company in the Southern Hemisphere. They’ve been in business for over 20 years. So if you live in or near Australia check then out.

New UDisc Feature

  • No longer can you say there are no pictures on a score card thanks to UDisc.
  • In the latest update out January 19th 2021 you can map your shots.
  • You can track your shots in the UDisc app on any course layout that’s already mapped
  • All you have to do is tap and hold on the map in the app and it’ll drop a pin
    • You can adjust this after the fact for a more precise location
    • You can even zoom in to circle 1 & 2 for truly accurate putting distances.
  • You can easily delete a throw by removing a stroke like you would normally
  • This will help more generate more statistics
    • They not so subtly hinted at more features coming in the future
  • You can post pictures of your hole card just like you do with the full card.
    • Share them @udiscapp and with the hashtag #mapmyscore
  • https://udisc.com/blog/post/picture-this-udisc-unveils-map-scoring-mode

2021 Elite Series Update

  • Currently the DGPT is confirming the Las Vegas Challenge will still happen
    • At this time no spectators or caddies
  • PDGA National Tour confirming its start at Texas State Disc Golf Championship Tyler.
    • Too far out to make a call
  • As they did with the 2020 season DGPT & PDGA will monitor the situation in each location
    • Policies may change to fit each locations criteria
  • 6 weeks out
    • Assess local organizing committee whether or not to continue
    • Assess local COVID levels
  • 2 weeks out
    • Will determine what phase the event will operate at
  • DGPT All-Star Weekend
    • Moved to weekend of Feb 20th
    • Fountain Hills Disc Golf Club
    • No caddies or spectators
    • More info to come
  • https://www.pdga.com/announcements/2021-elite-series-season-update-lvc-all-star-weekend-covid-19-policy

New Appointee to the PDGA Board of Directors

  • Geoff Hungerford will finish Will Schusterickj
  • Finished 3rd in 2020 board elections
    • Ran on a platform of:
      • Growing the women’s game
      • Increasing media coverage
      • Creating PDGA Seniors Tour
  • https://www.pdga.com/announcements/geoff-hungerford-appointed-pdga-board-directors

Disc Review Vandal


Upcoming A-Tier+ Events

  • Feb 6-7 A-Tier NADGT Premiere Appling, GA
  • Feb 13-14 A-Tier Gulf Coast Charity Open Cancelled
  • Feb 13-14 A-Tier Victoria Open Victoria, TX
  • Feb 25-28 Elite DGPT Las Vegas Challenge Las Vegas, NV
  • Feb 25-28 A-Tier Las Vegas Challenge Las Vegas, NV
  • https://www.pdga.com/pdga-documents/tour-documents/2021-pdga-majors-elite-series-euro-tour-tier-schedule

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