Here are the updated Joe’s Disc Golf Power Rankings!

Due to technical issues there were no updates between OTB Open and Beaver State Fling. There will be no update after the DGPT Match Play Championship.

Name Rank Movement
Gannon Buhr 1
Simon Lizotte 2 11
Joel Freeman 3 8
Corey Ellis 4 19
Paul McBeth 5 1
James Conrad 6 4
Garrett Gurthie 7 Unranked
Mason Ford 8 4
Kyle Klein 9 6
Ricky Wysocki 10 7
Calvin Heimburg 11 6
Ezra Aderhold 12 13
Albert Tamm 13 Unranked
Nate Sexton 14 Unranked
Matt Orum 15 8
Adam Hammes 16 Unranked
Kevin Jones 17 7
Aaron Gossage 18 Unranked
Anthony Barela 19 5
Drew Gibson 20 2
Chris Dickerson 21 17
Austin Hannum 22 Unranked
Cole Redalen 23 Unranked
Linus Carlsson 24 Unranked
Isaac Robinson 25 Unranked

How are the Joe’s Disc Golf Power Rankings determined? Unlike other disc golf power rankings, theses are based purely on math. There is no voting; no tweaking; no gut feelings; no manipulation.

To calculate the rankings, we look at the most recent eight Silver Series, Elite Series, and Majors. We do not factor in any other tournaments. The most recent three tournaments weigh the most overall in the calculations, while the last two weigh the least. Players who do not attend an event are assigned a certain number of points that substitute a finishing place. Rankings are updated after every DGPT/Major event.

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