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We have a new leader in the Joes Disc Golf Power Rankings! After 4 updates at the top, Gannon Buhr has been dethroned by Paul McBeth. McBeth played a sensational tournament but couldn’t get the win at the European Open.

After an incredible finish to the European Open, Paul McBeth takes the number one spot in the Joe’s Disc Golf Power Rankings. It was a thrilling finish and an instant classic battle between McBeth and McMahon.

With Simon Lizotte’s finish at the European Open, he was able to crack the top four in the power rankings. He had a solid performance and I will expect him to do well at the Discraft Great Lakes Open.

James Conrad held the third spot in the power rankings with another consistent tournament. Conrad has yet to post a win in the 2022 season.

Rounding out the top four is Gannon Buhr. After not attending the European Open he dropped three spots. He is still a favorite at the Discraft Great Lakes Open starting on July, 29th.

How are the Joe’s Disc Golf Power Rankings determined? Unlike other disc golf power rankings, theses are based purely on math. There is no voting; no tweaking; no gut feelings; no manipulation.

To calculate the rankings, we look at the most recent eight Silver Series, Elite Series, and Majors. We do not factor in any other tournaments. The most recent three tournaments weigh the most overall in the calculations, while the last two weigh the least. Players who do not attend an event are assigned a certain number of points that substitute a finishing place. Rankings are updated after every DGPT/Major event.

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