April 10, 2024

Chris Dickerson Signs with Discraft


Today, January 11th, 2022, Chris Dickerson has announced that he signed a contract with Discraft. His contract is for 4 years through the end of 2025 and “[w]e are valuing this contract as a 7 figure + deal over the four years.” – Chris Dickerson


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Photo from Chris Dickerson’s Public Instagram


Chris Dickerson’s Contract


While Dickerson has not released the specifics of his contract, he has released some of the broad strokes in an Instagram post.

First, we know that his contract is royalty based with no limit on his earning. In theory, he could earn more than his teammate, Paul McBeth. However, I don’t think that is likely.

Second, we know that he has a guaranteed minimum amount of money coming his way annually. According to Dickerson its an amount that will , “keep my family extremely comfortable.” While that phrase can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, I would assume that his annual guaranteed amount is in the neighborhood of $150-$300K.

Third, Discraft has given Dickerson a nice signing bonus of an RV that he already took possession of. He said that it’s important to feel like he has a home on the road and its he’s, “thrilled with this upgrade from [my] travel trailer!”

Finally, Discraft will help build the Chris Dickerson Brand. He said that we should be on the lookout for a logo coming soon.

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Closing Thoughts on Chris Dickerson’s Contract


As disc golf has exploded in the last few years, it is more important than ever for a professional disc golfer to create a brand fans can rally around. Its great to see that Discraft is helping Dickerson to build a brand starting with a logo.

One point that annoyed me a bit with Dickerson’s post is him and Discraft, “valuing his contract as a 7 figure + deal….” I missed it the first time I read through the post and I would have missed it completely if Drew Gibson hadn’t played the same semantics game a few months ago. I’m sure that he is getting a nice percent of each disc sold with his name on it.

In both cases, this is a PR stunt to build up the contract to be something bigger than it really is. Given how good Chris Dickerson is, it wouldn’t look good if the 4th ranked player in the world (UDisc Ranking as last updated 10/9/21) was paid significantly less that the number one and two ranked players Wysocki and McBeth respectively. Both players are earning a base of $1 million a year. I believe if he was earning close to what either of those players are earning, Discraft and Dickerson would have announced the total sum.


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