DGPT Excited to Host First Disc Golf Industry Conference


While Infinite Discs is trying to get the Disc Golf Convention off the ground the Disc Golf Pro Tour is launching a conference geared towards those in the industry; the Disc Golf Industry Conference. With all the other conferences out there, it only makes sense that there is now a conference geared towards the industry professionals. This is one more step into the legitimacy of the sport.  

The conference kicks off on Wednesday, February 15th with a banquet dinner and keynote address. If that date sounds familiar, it is because that is the Wednesday before the DGPT All-Star event. The conference will focus on the theme ‘Growing Together.’ The idea is to get leaders of industry, both in disc golf and outside disc golf to create ideas to sustainably grow the sport. By sustainably I mean consistent reliable growth not the insane spikes from COVID. I appreciate every person who picked up disc golf during that time.  

“The inaugural DGPT Industry conference is a dream of ours and an opportunity for disc golf’s working professionals and leaders to join together at the start of the 2023 season for a week of collaboration, networking, and growth,” said DGPT CEO & Tour Director Jeff Spring. “Come and join us in the Arizona sun!” 

Those who attend have the opportunity to network with industry professionals as well as attend the All-Star event festivities. This includes the opportunity to attend the All-Star draft and have a chance to play the All-Star course. Some of the topics covered are Shopify Best Practices, Elite Course Design, New Equipment in Disc Golf, and State of Disc Golf Media. There are more speaker confirmations to come.  

The big question is, what do you get with your registration? Well, you get access to the conference & networking opportunities. Dedicated reception hour on Wednesday night. Full access to the DGPT All-Star event & exclusive access to the All-Star draft on Thursday night. Plus, access to play the All-Star course. Three meals with an option for one more. Access to special rates at the resort ($249/night, all week long). Access to a dedicated media day on Wednesday for players, sponsors, and their teams. 

What would you pay for this opportunity? If you said $600 you are either a mind reader or read the DGPT press release. “The conference is open to all working professionals currently employed in the disc golf industry.”  

You can find a full list of topics, speakers, and schedule here.


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