DGPT Post Production Plan for 2022


Today the Disc Golf Pro Tour announced that they have reached a two-year agreement with JomezPro to handle the MPO lead card post production for 2022-2023. Jomez will pay the DGPT $500,000 over two years for the rights. GK Pro has agreed to a one-year deal to cover the FPO lead card. Gatekeeper Media will handle the MPO Chase card for the 2022 and 2023 season. Currently, the DGPT is working with GK Pro and Central Coast Disc Golf to provide post produced coverage of the Silver Series on the DGPT’s YouTube channel.nn


n At JomezPro, our mission is to share our love of the sport of Disc Golf across the world through our media channels. Through our partnership with the DGPT and our first multi-year agreement, we are able to create a long-term media strategy that will allow us to serve the community in new and exciting ways!nn

nGK Pro and Gatekeeper will also provide additional coverage at the PDGA Majors. Gatekeeper will handle the chase card coverage at PDGA World Championship and the Champions Cup. GK Pro will cover the FPO lead card at PDGA World Championship, Champions Cup, and USWDGC. There was no word as to what Gatekeeper and GK Pro are paying for the rights.n

n We are thrilled to bring back the full team of post-production media partners from 2021. The value generated through media, in 2022, will be put right back into event support, continued purse growth, and another record-breaking DGPT Championship payout. The disc golf industry has seen incredible progress and development, working together, and these agreements strengthen all parties and give disc golf fans the high-quality, post-produced coverage that they’ve come to know and love.nn

nYou can read the full announcement on the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s website here. nnThe 2022 Disc Golf Pro Tour starts on Thursday, February 24th with the Las Vegas Challenge. PDGA Members can watch this tournament for free on the Disc Golf Network or through next day post produced content.

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