It’s that time of year where we all start looking for a nice present for the special someone in our lives. If you really want to ace this year’s gift for that disc golfer in your life, you’ve come to the right place. There are a ton of options and I’m here to help you make the best choice for any budget!

Lucky for you this guide came out just in time to snag some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

Gift Cards (Any $)

It goes without saying that this is the easiest thing you can get for your disc golfer. This can cover a wide range of things. You can get gift cards to a specific manufacturer, local disc golf store, or to an online disc golf retailer. I would avoid Amazon only because the disc selection and brands feel really random. If you know that special someone throws a specific manufacturer’s discs or really loves their products then then go there. If you aren’t sure you can get a gift card to Infinite Discs and let them choose from dozens of brands, hundreds of accessories, and thousands of discs. There’s no doubt that they’ll be able to find what they want.

Under $25

DrySack, Mitten bag, Prodigy Chalk bag, Whale Sacs, and so many more. Basically these help get a better grip on the disc in hot, humid or rainy conditions. You can find a huge selection here.

Whale Sac

You can never have too many towels when you play a rainy round. Or even an early morning round when the ground is still covered in dew.

Never let your disc golfer’s performance suffer because of dehydration.

Moving to the opposite time of year you wouldn’t want your disc golf to get cold. So warm up with a stylish new beanie.

The second most annoying thing in disc golf is having a cold hand. Not having that feel of the disc makes a round so much harder. A great and reusable option is an electronic hand warmer.



Carrying around all the discs can be a hassle. If your disc golfer is a newer player I’d recommend a small bag like the Dynamic Discs Trooper or the Prodigy BP-4. I would always spend the little extra money to get the version of the bag with a water bottle holder. 

There is nothing worse than losing a disc in the water. These handy retrievers will save your disc golfer hundreds of dollars. They’ve personally saved dozens of discs from local courses. I use the Golden Retriever but any of the retrievers at this link are great options.


The Bushnell Disc Jockey is a fun speaker because it not only plays music but integrates with UDisc (a very popular disc golf app) to tell you exactly how far you are away from the basket.


These are great for that disc golfer who wants to dramatically improve their game. Having a practice basket in the backyard is a great way to practice putting with out having to drive to a course.

I personally own the Mach Shift. What I really love about this basket is the ability to make the chains skinnier when i want to practice or put them in a more normal configuration when friends come over.

These are a handy tool out on the course. In tournament situations or more intense rounds I’ll pull mine out and dial in the exact distance. This has really improved my game.


Having a disc golf cart is a great way to always have a seat and not have to carry your bag. Though if you live in a hilly area these tend to be more work than the backpack option. But, several models have the option to use your own bag and take it off when ever you want.

Hopefully this helps you nail that Christmas present for the favorite disc golfer in your life!

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