Drew Gibson Multi-Million-Dollar Update


Update to the Drew Gibson: Multimillionaire article posted on 10/20/21. In an attempt to maintain transparency, I want to admit to a mistake in reporting on the Drew Gibson contract.

Quickly, it was pointed out to me that I misread the wording of the original Drew Gibson post and I missed the subsequent interview with his agent on the Nick and Matt show. I read this and my interpretation was that this deal is guaranteed money and a lifetime deal with Infinite Discs.

However, the reality is that Drew Gibson’s deal with Infinite Discs is extended for another year AND he is starting a company that is going to have his own line of discs. The company he is starting according to his agent is going to be worth millions. While he does have a good leg up on others, it’s still hard to get a business off the ground. Even then between distribution, manufacturing, advertising, and any other costs, he is going to have to move a lot of plastic before he cracks a million dollars in net profit. I believe he will have over a million in gross revenue no problem, but I’d be curious to see how the first year goes.


n You have to understand the numbers and what they’re gonna mean 2, 3, 4, years out. With the protections and industry analysis of the data. It’s clear that it’s gonna be multi millions of dollars without question.n Stephen Scansaroli DGPM CEO and Founder n Stephen Scansarolin CEO DGPMn

Even so, this contract announcement is speculating that his contract will be worth millions through the sale of all his discs. And guess what? I make disc golf content published to a multi-billion-dollar website with millions of hits per hour. I make YouTube videos for a niche market but that sounds a lot fancier the first way I said it.


Ultimately, My point is that I was sucked into the sensational headline (along with many others in the industry). I wanted to correct the record and update everyone on the latest information regarding the Drew Gibson contract.

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