Dynamic Discs FPO Contract Speculation

Dynamic Discs is driving change into their MPO and FPO lineup! They are signing two major players in what they say is, “the biggest contracts in disc golf history.”

The FPO contact will be announced on Monday January 3rd at 10am CST. This FPO player has multiple elite series titles.

There are multiple women who could fit this vague description. I want to go through a few of them and speculate on the likelihood of each. A few names that come to mind (in alphabetical order) are Catrina Allen, Missy Gannon, Hailey King, and Paige Pierce.

All players are rated on a scale of 1-10 of likelihood to sign with Dynamic Discs. 1 is almost no chance to sign and 10 is guaranteed to sign.

Catrina Allen 9

Her 2021 elite series wins include MVP Open, Delaware Disc Golf Challenge, Worlds, and Jonesboro. He contract does end this year and at the time of writing there has not been an announcement of renewal. On her Instagram she has posted a pictures of a new run of 2x Hummingbird stamped X3’s, M4’s, and H3V2’s. Though these are sold through blankdiscs.com. Overall, I rated her an 9 given that this late into the year we have not heard a peep out of Prodigy. When looking at the Team Prodigy page, it says that the page is under maintenance. Could be a coincidence or it could be an indicator that Allen is leaving.

Prodigy Team Page
Prodigy Team Page
Catrina Allen
Catrina Allen


Missy Gannon 4

Missy Gannon

Her 2021 elite series wins include DGPT Championship and Des Moines Challenge. Gannon did win the Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship however this is listed as a XA not an elite series. Great win but DD specifically mentioned multiple elite series wins. While Gannon’s stock is certainly on the rise I don’t think she’s going to head back to Dynamic Discs. While not impossible, I rated this as a 4 because there is an unlikely outside chance this will happen.

Hailey King 7

Her 2021 elite series wins include the Music City Open, Green Mountain Championship, Dynamic Discs Open, and Texas State Disc Golf Championship. King has had a great 2021 that really started in 2020 with the DGPT Tour Championship win of Paige Pierce. Though this was an A-Tier win not elite series. This would be a good move on both parties as King would be the highest rated FPO player on the DD team. She is also a young, talented disc golfer with a prosperous future ahead of her. She did make an Instagram post, within 15 hours of writing this article, reflecting on how she’s been with Discraft for 5 years. This post did drop my rating to a 7 for King.

Paige Pierce 1

Her 2021 elite series wins include Idlewild, Ledgestone, Portland open, Santa Cruz Masters Cup, USWDGC, OTB Open, and Las Vegas Challenge. Pierce is the top dog at Discraft on the FPO side. Given the limited details I know of her contract and how she left Dynamic Discs a few years ago, I don’t think DD could offer Pierce enough money. I believe the money that DD would have to put up to take her from Discraft would not make financial sense. I don’t believe Pierce will leave Discraft anytime soon.

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