Gavin Rathbun Joins Team Dynamic Discs


About a week ago Eric Oakley left team Dynamic Discs. Many of us were left scratching our head as to why this happened. The prevailing theory was this was in part to make “cap space” to a bigger pro. Well today, November 15th, Gavin Rathbun and Dynamic Discs announced that his is joining their team.


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This is a great move on both parts. Dynamic Discs does not have that top level talent and with Gavin leaving Discmania he can step out of the shadows of Eagle McMahon and Simon Lizotte. This does mark a return to the Trilogy Family as Gavin was previously on Team Latitude 64 before leaving to go to Discmania.

Now its time to speculate on what he will throw once he is healthy. His “favorites” listed on the Discmania page at the time of writing are the S-Line FD, C-Line PD2, C-Line FD3, and C-Line MD. Looking for comparable discs in the DD line up I would suspect that his bag would include Maverick or River in place of the FD. The Enforcer or Gladiator to replace his PD2. The Felon to replace his FD3. And finally, either the Truth or EMac Truth to replace the MD. As for the rest of his I’m not too certain at this point and it will be interesting to see what he naturally gravitates towards.

After writing the first part of this article I listened to the interview he did with the Dynamic Discs podcast. He specifically mentioned that he is excited to throw the Evader, Adder, Rive and his main distance drivers would be either the Raider or Ballista Pro. He also mentioned that before he had surgery he threw the EMac Truth a few times on his home Florida course and almost aced twice. I think its safe to say that returning to the Trilogy Family is a great move for Gavin.

So how did this all happen? Last year Dynamic Discs missed out on Calvin Heimburg and Eagle McMahon. Well, Eric McCabe started to thinking about Gavin back at the time of WACO. Later in the summer, EMac and Gavin had a zoom meeting where they got to know each other and started working on terms. The two sides were able to come to terms rather quickly. As of right now Dynamic Discs bucked the recent trend of announcing player contracts.

It is important to know that this is a one year deal. However, Eric McCabe has said, “…at the end of the year, we’ll work on a longer-term deal.” Given that Gavin is still recovering from labrum surgery, it’ll be interesting to see how he performs. His current time line will allow him to start putting in December and start throwing in January. Gavin has already stated that he is going to skip Las Vegas Challenge. This will allow more time to heal and prepare for the season. At the time of writing his first Pro Tour event will be WACO. However, this is subject to change.

Now that Gavin is on the team, he is the top player on the team, sorry Clemons. How is his season going to stack up? Remember he has to return from rehab AND learn a new bag. I’m excited to see him grow as a player this upcoming season.

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