April 11, 2024

Kona Panis: The FPO Face of Dynamic Discs


The big FPO announcement that Dynamic Discs had planned for January 3rd, 2022 was the talented Kona Panis. She signed a 4 year deal worth $500,000 dollars. This matches the historic Kristin Tattar deal signed in 2021. That $500K is just the guaranteed money; through incentives and tour series discs she’ll likely far more than that.


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A Few Contract Details


Like most top level pros, she will have tour series discs and a signature disc. The signature disc will launch in 2023. Dynamic Discs has a few new discs in the pipeline that might fit her game well. She’ll also get a signature bag that she will help design. No word on when that will launch. And the usual disc golf performance incentives.

Team manager Eric McCabe has said that Dynamic Discs has pursued Kona Panis for a few years. According to Ultiworld Disc Golf, Innova sent her a contract that was similar tot he previous year. She said, “ I just felt like the conversations were a little off.” She started talking with Dynamic Discs again and was able to work out the deal that was announced today.



n To commit to a female with big money for four years, that’s a partnership and that’s a company really seeing my value. It’s going to show younger women that you can do this sport professionally and really make money out of this.



n https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbQjozTqtZ8 n

Dynamic Discs Commitment


Dynamic Discs is committed to flying her out to Sweden to to work on her signature disc as well as helping her to grow youth disc golf. The most fascinating part of this arrangement is both parties working on social media together. Dynamic Discs is by far the best when it comes to social media and you can argue that Kona Panis is one of the best social media disc golfers right along side Simon Lizotte.

Panis says she’s, “feeling super confident in my putt, which is awesome for me personally. … This year, 2022 is a year of confidence for me personally.”

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