Kristin Tattar’s Elbow Surgery


On November 17th, Kristin Tattar announced via Instagram that she is undergoing elbow surgery in Estonia. Tattar has battled through an elbow injury through most of her 2022 Disc Golf Pro Tour season. Despite the elbow injury, Tattar would not finish outside of the podium for the rest of the season. She went on to win the Disc Golf Pro Tour FPO Player of the Year. We hope Kristin Tattar’s elbow surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery.

She previously announced on Instagram at the beginning of August that she had an MRI on her elbow. The results showed, “the ulnar nerve is pinched in my elbow[,] and it is swollen.” She went on to lament the fact that she had to miss two majors but rejoiced in the extra time she was able to spend with her daughter.  

Tattar was able to delay surgery until her season was finished with a combination of anti-inflammatories and physical therapy. She had stated in past interviews that surgery was the last option, and she was hoping to avoid it. We do not know specifically what the injury is or what surgery is being performed. Most elbow surgeries take a few months, at minimum, to recover. She has not released her anticipated touring schedule as of the time of publication. We wish Kristin Tattar a speedy recovery and we look forward to returning to the Disc Golf Pro Tour 2023 season.  

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