Las Vegas Challenge 2022 Round 3 FPO Recap

Las Vegas Challenge Round 3

Round three of the Las Vegas Challenge is in the books for the FPO and the winds of change are blowing. The Las Vegas Challenge has a cut for the fourth round taking the top 24 place. The Innova Factory Store Course is longest course the golfers will see all weekend at 8,950 feet, about 120 feet longer than the Innova Course. There is a healthy amount of OB and hazards sprinkled all over the course, sloping greens, and high winds. This is a recipe for disaster if you can’t control your drives and have long birdie looks.

Here is your 5th through 10th place in FPO:

Place Movement Name Score
5 9 Hailey King -14
6 8 Holyn Handley -10
T7 Maria Oliva -9
T7 7 Ella Hansen -9
9 11 Missy Gannon -7
T10 3 Rebecca Cox -6
T10 4 Kat Mertsch -6

Missing the Cut

Some notable names not making the cut are Sarah Gilpin (+5) who toke a bogey on 18, Henna Blomroos (+5) who had another rough round, Kona Panis (+6) who nearly erased her -6 from round two on hole one with a triple bogey. It was confirmed in the broadcast today that Natalie Ryan did not compete officially listed as a DNF because of the hamstring injury she sustained in round two.

Eveliina Salonen

Sitting in fourth place is Eveliina Salonen (-16). As with many of the players today her putting was down from the last two rounds. The wind was a blustery 8-16mph causing her C1X putting to drop 26 points to 44%. After a shaky start with a bogey on hole 1 Salonen settled in and looked her most confident all weekend. She took one other bogie on hole nine; and an OB stroke on hole 13 but managed to save the birdie. She was able to hold on to her fourth-place spot with a four under par on the day.

Kristin Tattar

Dropping one spot to third place is Kristin Tattar (-20). Just like Salonen and Blomroos, Tattar had a rough start on hole one taking a bogey. Though she was able to bounce back with a birdie on hole two. The highlight of the day for the entire FPO field was Tattar’s throw-in for eagle on hole 6; UDisc has the distance listed at 200 feet. It was a beautiful forehand shot that swung out wide of the frame only to come back in frame and in the basket. Her putting was in tip top shape in the wind at an astounding 86% in C1X. The best overall putting was from ninth place Missy Gannon (-7) at a perfect 100%. Overall, Tattar shot the second hottest round of the day at -7.

Catrina Allen

Staying steady in first place, but having to share, is Catrina Allen (-21). She had a consistent round with only two bogies, two birdies, and 1 eagle on hole two. She looked smooth out there with her throws and her putts were confident. She kept her cool even when she threw OB twice on hole 6 leading to her first bogey since hole 17 in round one. She managed a -2 on the round. However, this wasn’t enough to stave off her strongest competitor of the day, Paige Pierce.

Paige Pierce

Moving up one place, and throwing the hot round of the day, is Paige Pierce (-21). She looked like the confident Pierce we’re used to seeing on lead card coverage. She managed only two bogies on three OB strokes. Her C1X was a consistent 78% leading to an impressive -8 for the round.

The lead card is a tight race. Salonen has an outside chance of taking down the Las Vegas Challenge if a few things go her way. Pierce, Allen, and Tattar are all in the mix to win the Las Vegas Challenge. They finish up on the Innova Course where Allen shot the hot -11 and Pierce shot a mediocre -5 in round two. Can Catrina Allen pull it off? Can Kristin Tattar make a push for the first FPO Disc Golf Pro Tour win in 2022. Actions starts at 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern. You can got to or watch free on YouTube.

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