Latitude 64 Sapphire


Latitude 64 Sapphire

The Latitude 64 Sapphire is an easy-to-use distance driver. With speed 10, glide 6, turn -2, and fade 1.5, you don’t need a big arm to get impressive results from this disc. In fact, this is a really light disc. A typical Sapphire can be found right around 155g. This makes it a great disc for beginners and those disc golfers who don’t have the arm speed to handle some of the bigger, heavier drivers. Now the Sapphire I found is part of the limited edition 2020 Veterans for Vets charity tournament and is a whopping 165g in Opto plastic. For a Sapphire that’s really heavy but still lighter than my average disc by 10 grams. Now I’ve thrown Air and Blizzard versions of discs before, those weigh in around a typical Sapphire. I find that I have a harder time control these lighter discs and they tend to get pushed around by the wind a lot more. So, my expectations for this 165g discs were not very high.

Vets for Veterans Latitude 64 Sapphire

Overall, the disc feels firm in my hand. I’m not worried about it deforming mid throw like the classic super soft discs by Dynamic Discs. The feels good in my hand. I feel like it slots naturally in my hand. While I can throw the high speed drivers, they don’t feel natural in my large palm and stumpy fingers. I like that this disc is in the Opto plastic. I know that I can hit a tree or 12 and not worry the flight characteristics are going to drastically change like they would if it was another type of plastic.

Technical Details

Now we get into the really nerdy part of this review; the detailed measurements. Feel free to skip to the end for my final recommendations. The stamped mass of this disc is 165g while I measured it out to be 164.6 +/- 0.5g. this is well withing the margin of error. The actual width of the rim is 20.02 +/- 0.02mm. It’s important to note that Latitude 64 uses rim width to determine the speed of a disc. Generally speaking, most manufacturers take the same approach. The depth of the rim is 11.50 +/- 0.02mm. the total diameter of the disc is 210.01 +/- 0.02mm. all of these measurements fall well within the margin of error and match the specification listed on the PDGA’s approved disc list. So what do all those numbers mean? The most obvious is the mass. This is one of the first things most players look at when selecting a disc. Most times a gram or two won’t make a difference in the flight. In this case, however, 10 grams makes a big difference. When looking at the rim diameter, this rim is average in my opinion. Some people with smaller hands have a bit harder time with the larger diameter rimmed discs. So with this one being smaller, it can allow those people to have a higher speed driver that feels comfortable in their hand.

Latitude 64 Sapphire Conclusion

In conclusion, the Latitude 64 Sapphire is an easy-to-use, lightweight disc geared to beginners. The smaller rim diameter makes this great for kids and those with smaller hands. However, players with bigger arms can find success with this stable fairway drive if you can find one in a heavier weight. If I had to compare this to another disc in the Latitude 64 lineup, I’d have to say it’s like the bigger brother to the Explorer. Let me know what you think of this disc. Comment below or leave me an audio message on Anchor. Check out our other reviews here. And remember to thank Treesus when he blesses your disc with a good kick. He always has something to teach you with every kick you consider bad. Have a great day and thank you Treesus!


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