February 23, 2024

Matt Orum Joins Westside Discs


Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last few days, you’ve probably heard Matt Orum has joined the Westside Discs team. This is an exciting time for Orum to join the team as he is the highest rated player (1045) on the team, 15 points ahead of Nikko Locastro (1030) [at the time of writing].

Unfortunately Matty-O accidentally spoiled it with his thank you message to Prodigy where he leaked his new sponsor Westside Discs.


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This was met with a little consternation from Westside Discs. They posted on their official Instagram account, “We had bigger plans for this announcement, but now that the cat’s out of the bag…Westside Discs is excited to announce our newest addition, Matt Orum! Matty-O has signed a 2-year deal with Westside Discs.”


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This move makes sense on several levels. First, and most obvious, financially. While specific weren’t mentioned, its safe to assume that he is making more with Westside than with Prodigy. Or his ceiling is much higher with incentives and tour series disc earnings.

Second, he only has to compete with one other top play on the Westside team. On Prodigy he had to compete with Austin Hanum, Cale Leiviska, Chris Dickerson, Kevin Jones, and to a lesser extent Seppo Paju and Vaïno Makela. That is until Paju and Mäkelä start touring in the US again.


The third is a combination of the first two points. Matt Orum will get a line of tour series Westside Discs when he figures out what he will throw. Orum was part of the Westside team from 2015 through 2017. He’ll have pretty solid idea of what he wants to throw so this shouldn’t take too long to figure out. Since he’s left, Westside Discs has had 6 new discs approved. Unlike his previous stint with Westside he will have access to both Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 since they bought Westside Discs in 2017.

This deal was negotiated by Stephen Scansaroli with the DGPM Group. He has negotiated several deals this year including the Drew Gibson contract and Eric Oakley’s contract with Infinite Discs. The age of agents in disc golf has officially begun!

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