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nPaul McBeth skipped the the Las Vegas Challenge this year. In his absence Drew Gibson and Gannon Buhr put on one amazing show. Buhr was in the lead the entire tournament until the end of the fourth hole of the playoff. With all this excitement, many were wondering is this the start of a new era? How will Paul McBeth fit in to this new line-up? Will he respond at The Memorial? n

Questions Answered


nPaul McBeth Scorecard Teh Memorial Championship 2022nnAfter the first round of The Memorial Championship Paul McBeth put together an amazing round. He absolutely made a statement by shooting -16 missing only holes 7 and 18. Unfortunately, there are no UDisc stats so we can’t see what exactly went wrong on this near perfect round. The round is rated at a mind boggling  1108! This is the fourteenth 1100+ round on record with 4 of them coming at The Memorial Championship. The only question that remains, can Paul McBeth repeat this for round two?nn

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