April 11, 2024

New 2024 DGPT Tour Card Qualification Methods


Just announced today are the qualifications for the 2023 and 2024 DGPT Tour Card. For the most part, the 2023 cards are set however you can file for an exemption because of injury or through international play.  

However, the real meat and potatoes of the press release is hidden in the 2024 tour card details. There are now a few separate ways to earn a tour card including, being a top 80 MPO or top 40 FPO DGPT points earner, qualifying for the DGPT Championship, having a 2023 tour card, having a 2022 tour card, medical or international exemption, and through the 2023 qualifying series.  

The last way to earn a tour card is the most interesting. The top 6 MPO and top 3 FPO in the qualifying series points standing will earn a 2024 tour card. Winners of a qualifying event will get a partial tour card if they are not a top points earner for their division. As a point of clarification, these are not tour points but a separate tour. If someone has qualified for a tour card through another method but still plays a qualifying event, the points they’d earn get bumped to the next finishing play. Say player A earned a tour card and finishes second at the next qualifying event, the third-place finisher would get the second place points and so on down the line. Much like if an amateur declines cash when playing in a pro division.  

The DGPT is currently looking for 2023 A-Tier events to be included on the qualifying series schedule. B-Tiers can be considered but they are really looking for those A-Tiers to fill out the schedule. If you think your tournament should be on the schedule you have until November 23rd, 2022 to fill out the application here.

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