Within the last week, the PDGA has approved 3 new molds from 3 different companies. This does seem to be the time of year where we see the most new disc approvals. Though it should be noted that discs can get approved at any point.

Løft Discs Bohrium

The first is on the list is the Bohrium from Løft Discs. There was an email that went out on 11/28/21. In it Løft teased the new disc stating that, “It is a driver. It is fast. It has s groundbreaking rim design that makes it break the limits of distance.”

From the first two statements it’s easy to ascertain that its going to be a high speed driver. Based on the details provided to the PDGA for approval the rim width is 2.5cm or the same as the Innova Colossus. That disc is rated as a 14 speed by Innova. Based on how Løft marketed the Hydrogen as the first 1 speed putter, its reasonable to think that this will be a 15 or 16 speed disc for marketing purposes. According to the listing on Infinite Discs, the numbers are 13, 6, -2, 2. I’m not sure if these are official number or if they are making an educated guess based on the specs.

I really want to know what they are doing that is so ground breaking with the rim. This is pure speculation at this point but my educated guess is that there is going to be a groove in the rim like the Innova Groove that will help it to glide further. The Kickstarter campaign goes live at 3pm EST. [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loftdiscs/bohrium]

Prodigy D2 Pro

The second disc to get approved is the New D2 Pro from Prodigy Discs. This disc has a slightly larger rim than the new D2. And as with many of the pro versions of discs, this should be slightly faster with very similar flight numbers. But it can handle the bigger arms of the pros.

Latitude 64 Glory

The last disc of note in the recent batch of approvals is the Glory from Latitude 64 in their new Royal Line. From the specs listed on the approval page, the rim width of 1.8cm puts it at the same thickness as the the Latitude 64 Explorer. Latitude lists for the Explorer as a seven speed. Since the same company is manufacturing this disc and giving the numbers, I will venture a guess that it will also be a 7 speed.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Are there any new discs coming out that you are excited for?

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