April 10, 2024

Nikko Locastro and Westside Discs Part Ways


As of December 27th, 2021, Nikko Locastro will no longer represent Westside Discs. One year after signing an early extension through 2023, both parties agreed to part ways. Westside Discs had this to say about the departure in an Instagram post,


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n The turning of the new year will usher in a new chapter for Team Westside Discs. Westside Discs and Nikko have made the decision to part ways effective 2022. We would like to thank Nikko for his past two years on Team Westside Discs. Nikko has helped grow the Westside brand and has put on some amazing performances including two DGPT wins at The Preserve and WACO. Nikko is a hard working and passionate player and we wish him continued success as he moves onto the next chapter of his disc golf career


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What’s After Westside Discs?


At the time of writing Locastro has not posted anything on his Instagram or on his Twitter. There is a link to nikkolocastro.com. The site appears to be under construction but is powered by shopify. I’ll be curious to see what he ends up selling there.

The post announcing the split has received 1,455 likes at the time of writing. I can only take this to mean that people are happy that Locastro is leaving Westside Discs. Reading through the 124 comments I can confirm my suspicions; to say people are happy about the split is an understatement.

viktornilsson_dg said, “All in on MattyO!!!!” with 41 likes.

Tom.henry said “Makes me feel better about throwing westside.” That garnered 31 likes multiple people agreeing with the sentiment.

I understand that Nikko Locastro is a controversial disc golfer. But I severely underestimated how much people don’t like him. There is speculation that he is either going to Innova or open bag after a recent video with Luke Humphries. I’m sure we’ll here something soon with the new year right around the corner and Las Vegas Challenge just under 2 months away.

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