April 11, 2024

Nikko Locastro Signs With Lone Star Discs



Nikko Locastro & Lone Star Discs

nWe have our first major signing to break open the 2022-23 disc golf silly season. Nikko Locastro has signed with Lone Star Discs. After his incident at the European Open, Nikko Locastro was dropped by his sponsors and suspended by the PDGA for nine months, later reduced to six months with eighteen months of probation. At the time of writing, we do not know the length of the contract, other than its, “a multi year (sp) partnership.” n

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nLocastro has said in other social media posts that he has been working on his anger management. The microscope will be on Locastro while on probation. Joe’s Disc Golf wishes Lone Star Discs and Nikko Locastro the best of luck in this upcoming season. We look forward to covering his tournament performance.nn

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