Open at Austin Shakes Up FPO Power Rankings


After an exhilarating weekend at the Open at Austin, we’re excited to present the newest edition of Joe’s Disc Golf FPO Power Rankings! The thrilling competition in Austin has led to some significant changes in the rankings, reshuffling the leaderboard and showcasing the fierce competition in the FPO division. While Kristin Tattar continues to dominate at the top, Catrina Allen has surged into second place, proving that the battle for supremacy is far from over. Dive into the updated rankings to see who else has made their mark in the world of professional disc golf.


Here at Joe’s Disc Golf Power Rankings, we pride ourselves on our objective, mathematically-driven approach to evaluating players. Steering clear of biases or manipulation often found in other ranking systems, our methodology focuses exclusively on the last eight Silver Series, Elite Series, and Majors tournaments. We intentionally avoid factoring in any additional events, votes, or subjective opinions.


To ensure accuracy, our ranking calculations place the greatest emphasis on the three most recent tournaments, while the last two events hold the least weight. In cases where players do not participate in a tournament, we assign a predetermined number of points to approximate a finishing position. Expect to see our rankings updated after every DGPT/Major event, so you’ll always have the latest insights on the FPO field’s performance


Here is the updated ranking:

  1. Kristin Tattar
  2. nnnn
  3. Catrina Allen
  4. nnnn
  5. Ella Hansen
  6. nnnn
  7. Missy Gannon
  8. nnnn
  9. Paige Pierce
  10. nnnn
  11. Henna Blomroos
  12. nnnn
  13. Holyn Handley
  14. nnnn
  15. Ohn Scoggins
  16. nnnn
  17. Jessica Weese
  18. nnnn
  19. Jennifer Allen
  20. nnnn
  21. Sarah Hokom
  22. nnnn
  23. Kona Star Montgomery
  24. nnnn
  25. Kat Mertsch
  26. nnnn
  27. Hailey King
  28. nnnn
  29. Macie Velediaz
  30. nnnn
  31. Juliana Korver
  32. nnnn
  33. Maria Oliva
  34. nnnn
  35. Eveliina Salonen
  36. nnnn
  37. Alexis Mandujano
  38. nnnn
  39. Lisa Fajkus
  40. nnnn
  41. Vanessa Van Dyken
  42. nnnn
  43. Stacie Hass
  44. nnnn
  45. Rebecca Cox
  46. nnnn
  47. Deann Carey
  48. nnnn
  49. Holly Finley
  50. n

As you can see, the competition in the world of disc golf is intense, and the female players listed here are some of the best. By relying on a purely mathematical approach, Joe’s Disc Golf Power Rankings offer an objective view of the current standings. Keep an eye on these players as they continue to compete and strive for greatness in the sport of disc golf.


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