February 23, 2024

Post-Blue Ridge FPO Power Rankings: Top Disc Golf Athletes Update


With the FPO Power Rankings Update now available following the Blue Ridge Championship, it’s time to delve into the changes and highlight the top disc golf athletes as we prepare for the highly anticipated Champions Cup at W. R. Jackson in Appling, GA.

  1. Kristin Tattar
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  3. Ohn Scoggins
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  5. Missy Gannon
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  7. Jessica Weese
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  9. Catrina Allen
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  11. Holyn Handley
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  13. Sai Ananda
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  15. Ella Hansen
  16. nnnn
  17. Hailey King
  18. nnnn
  19. Sarah Hokom
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  21. Aria Castruita
  22. nnnn
  23. Kat Mertsch
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  25. Henna Blomroos
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  27. Emily Beach
  28. nnnn
  29. Hanna Huynh
  30. nnnn
  31. Macie Velediaz
  32. nnnn
  33. Lykke Lorentzen
  34. nnnn
  35. Lisa Fajkus
  36. nnnn
  37. Vanessa Van Dyken
  38. nnnn
  39. Raven Klein
  40. nnnn
  41. Alexis Mandujano
  42. nnnn
  43. Deann Carey
  44. nnnn
  45. Paige Shue
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  47. Madison Walker
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  49. Melody Castruita
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Maintaining her stronghold at the top, Kristin Tattar continues to dominate the rankings. Ohn Scoggins holds steady at the second spot, while Missy Gannon jumps from eighth to third, showcasing her impressive performance at the Blue Ridge Championship.


Jessica Weese has made a remarkable climb from 15th to fourth place, displaying her resilience and competitive spirit. Catrina Allen and Holyn Handley each moved up a spot to fifth and sixth, respectively.


Sai Ananda, a new entrant to the power rankings, debuts at an impressive seventh place, reflecting her strong performance at the Blue Ridge Championship. Ella Hansen dropped a few spots from third to eighth, while Hailey King and Sarah Hokom maintain their positions in ninth and tenth.


Aria Castruita and Emily Beach join the top 25, taking the 11th and 14th spots, respectively. Paige Shue, another notable addition, enters the rankings at 23rd place.


Unfortunately, a few players have seen a decline in their standings. Henna Blomroos slipped from fifth to 13th, and Macie Velediaz dropped from 13th to 16th. Paige Pierce, once a disc golf legend, has now fallen out of the top 25, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of the sport.


The updated FPO Power Rankings reveal a dynamic landscape within the disc golf community. As we look forward to the upcoming Champions Cup, expect to see more thrilling performances, comebacks, and breakthroughs from these talented athletes.


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