Ricky Wysocki: MPO Face of Dynamic Discs


The top MPO discs golfer just signed a huge contract today. He signed a 4 year $4 million contract with Dynamic Discs. Prior to his Innova sponsorship he was sponsored with Latitude 63 and won 2 World titles.


Ricky Wysocki n

This deal matches the average annual guaranteed money the Paul McBeth received from Discraft. Wysocki will have the opportunity to earn more through bonuses and incentives built into the contract. He is the first disc golfer to receive a $250K signing bonus entirely in Bitcoin.



n I’m beyond thankful that they see that. But there’s other aspects to the decision that the general public doesn’t see and I’m here to tell them that. That Dynamic is a company that obviously in years past they haven’t had maybe the top players, but they’ve still been a great brand, no matter what. And I’ve always seen that and always thought that, even since I was last on the Trilogy team four years ago. I just think that both Dynamic’s brand and my brand have grown since I left, so I think in that time away we both grew to where we both fit really well together right now.




Dynamic Discs is going to have a whole line of Sockibomb discs in the new Supreme Series. The Supreme Series is the same plastic and finish that the Latitude 64 Royal Line is made of and goes through. Right now you can get Ricky’s Sockibomb stamp discs on the Dynamic Discs website. Like with Kona Panis, Dynamic Discs is going to work with Wysocki to create some new molds designed around his game. Also like Panis, Wysocki will get his own bag line and there is a possibility to have a cart line too.


Wysocki is also working to launch the Sockibomb Foundation to help develop a youth disc golf program. He expects it to be ready by Las Vegas Challenge. The goal of the program is to donate 100 discs and a basket to schools all over the country.

Dynamic Discs has certainly positioned themselves as a force to be reckoned with for the next few years. Hopefully, all these big move pay off in the 2022 season.

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