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nAnnounced earlier today, Seppo Paju retires from professional disc golf. In a post on Instagram he said, “All of the sudden, this spring I felt different about that desire of competing, feeling the pressure and traveling. I seemed to enjoy more of casual rounds with friends than going to tournament.”n

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Seppo Paju’s Career

nPaju has been playing disc golf competitively for 14 years. He played his first MPO tournament in 2008, the Scandinavian Open, where he finished 113th place. Though the field had some of the all-time greats playing including Nate Doss, Dave Feldberg, Avery Jenkins, Jussi Meresmaa, and Ken Climo.nnTwo years later, in 2010, Paju would record his first two first place finishes at the Hanko Open and VMP-Open. He’d go on to improve significantly at the Scandinavian Open taking 26th place. nnPaju would go on to become a regular member of the professional disc golf scene in the United Stated in 2018 through 2020 before the season was cut short by the pandemic. n

Seppo Paju’s Decision

n”I have made the decision for not playing disc golf competitively but instead just continue playing the game for fun. I will continue my career in [disc] golf but just not as a competitor.”nn’s not too clear at the time of writing what Paju will do in retirement. I would be surprised if he does not find himself with a lucrative offer with Prodigy in an Eric McCabe type of role. nn


n It really is amazing how many people have shown support for me over the years and I’m forever thankful for it ❤️ Thank you all!nn


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