Shifting Sands: A Look at the Updated FPO Power Rankings


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As the disc golf season progresses, the FPO field continues to showcase its incredible talent and competitiveness. With the release of the updated top 25 Joe’s Disc Golf FPO Power Rankings, there have been several noteworthy changes since the previous list. Let’s dive in and explore the highlights of these ranking updates.

It’s Good to be the Queen

First and foremost, Kristin Tattar remains steadfast at the top of the rankings, further solidifying her dominance in the sport. Her consistent performance and victory at the Waco Annual Charity Open have cemented her position as the player to watch this season.

In a surprising turn of events, Ohn Scoggins has risen to the second spot, pushing Henna Blomroos down to the fifth position. Ella Hansen also saw a significant jump, moving up from seventh to third place. These changes highlight the fierce competition among top athletes and demonstrate the potential for emerging talents to shake up the rankings.

Catrina Allen held her ground at the fourth position, while Missy Gannon slipped from third to eighth. Hailey King saw a slight improvement, moving up two spots to sixth place. Sarah Hokom also made an impressive leap, jumping from 13th to seventh.

There have been notable additions to the top 25, including Deann Carey, Kat Mertsch, Lisa Fajkus, Juliana Korver, Vanessa Van Dyken, and Holly Finley. Their presence in the updated rankings showcases their recent strong performances and highlights the depth of talent in the FPO field.

Falling from Power Rankings Grace

Paige Pierce, a disc golf legend, experienced a drop from eighth to 12th place, illustrating that even the most seasoned players can face challenges during a season. However, Pierce’s track record and experience make it likely that she will bounce back in future events.

Lastly, it is crucial to address the departure of Eveliina Salonen from the power rankings. Once a formidable force in the FPO field, her recent performances have been marred by difficulties on the green, ultimately causing her to fall out of the top 25. Despite this setback, Salonen’s talent and previous accomplishments should not be underestimated, as she has the potential to stage a comeback and reestablish herself among the sport’s elite.

The updated FPO Power Rankings reveal an ever-evolving landscape within the disc golf community. Rising stars and unexpected shifts showcase the unpredictability and excitement surrounding the sport. As the season continues, fans and competitors alike can look forward to more thrilling performances, comebacks, and breakthroughs on the course.

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