Disc Golf Network Issues Statement Over Technical Issues

Disc Golf Network Issues Statement Over USDGC Final Round Technical Issues

  • As you probably heard by now Disc Golf Network had technical issues from roughly the end of hole 17 through the end of the playoff
    • I lost connection at the end of 18
    • Connection resumed with Paul McBeth interview
      • Spoiled the 1-hole playoff
    • According to Disc Golf Network 2 factors were at play
      • Widespread internet outages near DGN Studio HQ Milwaukee, WI
        • Dozens of people noted outages in this area according to istheservicedown.com
        • Our vendor, Vimeo, provides the content delivery network (CDN) that formats and delivers our video for streaming across all apps and platforms. They are reporting that the issue at the end of the round stemmed from an automated system response meant to protect the broadcast from an attack triggered by the spike in viewership, subsequently stopping the stream for some viewers.
      • We are gathering data that allows us to identify accounts that saw issues during the final holes and playoff. Therefore, please email dgn@dgpt.com so we can understand and verify the issues of your viewing experience.
      • We’ve delivered over 30 live events this season without an issue of this nature, and without PPV.
        • And I think this is the most frustrating part
        • Minor issues but for the most part a good experience
      • As you may know, covering this event required us to use the PPV system. We invested those funds into the broadcast, but entirely understand why it feels extra frustrating to see stream issues with a PPV broadcast.
        • It doesn’t seem like the funds were invested as wisely as possible
        • Second, there was no way to get ahold of vimeo and say hey we have x passes sold and we will assume every single person will hop on at the same time
          • And potentially another 20% if things are crazy on the last day
        • If you can’t get ahold of vimeo you need to look in to that relationship
      • They close out by saying they hope to hear from you and hope you come back to watch live disc golf
        • Be respectful but let your opinion known
        • I’ll be honest I don’t know if I will continue this membership
          • After the pro tour championship, I will cancel it until LVC but no promises


Throw Pink WDGC Gannon Wins Inaugural Title

TPWDGC: Gannon Hold Off Field For Inaugural Title

  • Missy Gannon won after 4 days of consistent golf
  • She managed 17 total bogey strokes over the 4 days
  • Overall she was
    • 4th in fairway hits
    • 5th in birdie %
    • 2nd in scramble %
    • 6th in C1X Putts 81%
  • Compare that to Paige Pierce’s 19 bogey strokes in round 3
  • Or to Kona Panis’s 18 total bogey strokes
  • After round 1 it looked like it was Paige Pierce’s tournament and everyone was along for the ride
  • Missy kept her head down and just continued to play her game and within herself
  • Paige threw the door opened the door in round 3
    • Though it was ajar after round 2
  • Missy Gannon had this to say after the win
    • “I knew that I had it in me and I’m just so happy that I finally felt like I was putting a consistent year together. I’m so confident in my discs and my sponsors are amazing. It’s just a combination of so many things that has helped me get to this point and play the way I’ve been playing.”
  • It was just a ton of fun to watch her play.

Paige Pierce and the Terrible, Horrible, Awful, No-Good Round




  • Finished day 1 with a 61 (-7)
    • 5 stroke lead on 2ND Valerie Mandujano
    • Rated 1025
  • After day 2 still in the lead but had given up a lot of ground
    • Shot a 68 (even)
    • Rated 971
    • Closer to her 988
    • Though there were cracks in the walls
      • Took a double on 15 and 18
      • Bogey on 5 went OB
    • Day 3 was the implosion
      • Shot an 86 (+18)
      • Rated 845
      • Bogeys, doubles, and triples everywhere
        • Lone birdie on 6
      • Started with a triple
        • 2 OB strokes
      • After day one you could see the frustration building
        • It was tough to watch
        • The confidence just left her by day 3
        • At that point there was no hope to come back
        • This isn’t the first time that she blew a substantial lead
          • Different that getting beat by another great player
          • No offense to the other ladies in the field but after round 1 this was Paige’s to lose and that’s what she did
        • Goes to show that having a crazy hot round is nice but won’t win you a tournament
        • Good consistent play will tournaments.

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