April 11, 2024

The Dynamic Discs’s Justice Review



The Justice


Sparkle Lucid JusticennThe Justice was first PDGA approved in May 27th, 2015. This midrange is an overstable midrange that most would (and probably should) consider a utility disc. However, in my bag its more than just a staple, its the disc I reach for anytime I throw a forehand under 250 feet. On my backhand its more than stable enough to handle any power but generally too stable for a distance shot over 175 feet. In those cases I use an EMac Truth.nnYou can get the Justice in a variety of different plastics that do have a non-negligible effect on stability. In my bag I carry a pink sparkle lucid Justice (least stable), an aqua lucid-x chameleon Justice (middle stability due to the dome), and a red lucid Justice (most stable and puddle top).nnIf you are a follower of the Joe’s Disc Golf YouTube channel or Instagram, then you are familiar with my passion for the Dynamic Discs Justice. The numbers on this disc are 5, 1, -0.5, 4 and unless you are familiar with the Dynamic Discs flight numbers these mean nothing. Flight numbers can’t be compared between manufacturers. Hopefully once Shane from Stuff Made Here gets his disc launcher perfected, we can standardize the numbers across all manufacturers. But I digress, I’m here to talk about the greatest, most loved, most versatile midrange in the game, the Justice.nnWhy should you buy this disc? There are a few reasons you’d want this disc. The first as a utility disc. If you need to go left (RHBH) this disc will take you left no matter what angle you release it on. It’s great for getting out of difficult situation in the rough. The second reason is a headwind disc. If the wind is ripping straight at you as you look at the basket you can count on this disc to hold straight and still finish to the left (RHBH). The third reason is if you have a token forehand that you have no intentions of practicing, this disc won’t turnover easy even if you roll your wrist. I want to emphasize that this disc is not beginner friendly.n

A Love Letter to the Justice

nRight around the timethe disc was released, I won a Dynamic Discs Justice in a drawing at my very first tournament I entered, the Three Rivers Open. I distinctly remember the disc, covered in a bunch of mini Handeye Supply Co. logos. At the time I knew very little about any other brand than Innova. I knew about Discraft but thought they only made ultimate frisbees. That disc proceeded to sit in my bag for a few weeks before I threw it once. And that first throw was magical.nnLucid JusticennThe first time I threw the Justice I was in the weeds with my only way was a forehand but still needed to finish right. At the time I didn’t have a disc that did that until my buddy reminded me of the Justice and told me that it was overstable. I had nothing to lose and it was love at first flick. I threw that disc on an insane anhyzer line and it still came back landing flat under the basket.nnAs I increased my forehand proficiency, I loved that disc more and more. Until one sad day I got a little too aggressive on a water hole. I watch my favorite disc skip and slowly roll in to a fast moving river, never to be seen again. So why the story? You never know when you’ll get a disc that turn out to be your disc for everything.nn

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