The Prestige of Elite Events and Silver Events in Disc Golf


The disc golf world thrives on a unique interplay of events: the Elite events and the Silver events. These distinct categories of competitions play pivotal roles in shaping the sport, influencing everything from player development to fan engagement. Understanding the significance of Elite and Silver events unveils the intricate workings of the disc golf touring scene.

Elite events are the crowning glory of disc golf, showcasing the sport’s top-tier talent. They offer challenging courses, high stakes, and fierce competition. Winning an Elite event is often viewed as the highest achievement in the sport, a testament to a player’s skill and dedication. Robbie, a noted commentator on Debate Night, emphasized the importance of maintaining the prestige of these events. He argued, “We don’t need a Brodie, we don’t need an Ezra, we don’t need a Calvin playing with local pros at these Elite events.” This sentiment underscores the need to uphold the high standards of Elite events.

But disc golf is not just about the Elite events. Silver events play an equally crucial role, albeit differently. These events allow local professionals to compete against top players, serving as stepping stones to the pro tour. In addition, they are integral to the sport’s grassroots growth, fostering local talent and promoting disc golf in different regions.

The distinction between Elite and Silver events also impacts their organization and promotion. With their high stakes and high-profile players, elite events attract significant sponsors and media coverage. They are often held at prestigious courses and boast larger prize pools. Conversely, Silver events might lack the glamour but are essential for the sport’s sustainability and growth. They ensure the continuous discovery and nurturing of new talent.

As disc golf surges in popularity, maintaining the balance between Elite and Silver events is paramount. Both events are necessary for the sport’s success, serving unique purposes and contributing to its growth. Elite events will continue to be the pinnacle of disc golf, attracting attention, sponsors, and serving as the ultimate test for the top players. But on the other hand, will remain the sport’s backbone, nurturing new talent, promoting local growth, and providing a launchpad for players aspiring to compete at the Elite level.

The roles of Elite and Silver events in disc golf are not merely functional—they’re emblematic of the sport’s evolution. As the sport grows, preserving the distinction between these two events becomes increasingly crucial. The future of disc golf will undoubtedly be influenced by the interaction between Elite and Silver events, and preserving the equilibrium between the two will be vital to the sport’s sustained success.

In 2023 there are 11 Elite Events and two Elite+ Events, with only the eight highest points winnings counting towards a player’s 2023 season DGPT points total. Meanwhile, Silver Series events have been rebranded as Silver events, counting for more than 25% of an Elite tournament’s points. Additionally, with the inclusion of the 2022-2023 DGPT wrap-around season tournaments, eleven Silver events on the 2023 schedule award points towards the DGPT Championship​.

Disc golf is a dynamic and evolving landscape, and the role of Elite and Silver events in this landscape is a fascinating topic. As we delve deeper into this topic, we gain a greater appreciation for the complexity and depth of the sport. The prestige of Elite and Silver events in disc golf reflects their importance to the sport and is a testament to the passion and dedication of those who participate in and support these events. As we look to the future, we can expect these events to continue to shape the sport and contribute to its growth and development.

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