WACO 2022 Final Round FPO Recap

WACO FPO Round 3 Recap

The wacky Waco rollercoaster did not fail to disappoint on Sunday. We saw several lead changes and a push for the win from as far back as the fifth card! If you did not watch the full FPO round live on Sunday, I highly recommend watching that over the postproduction. Yes, it will take 3:41 to watch rather than the typical hour and a half of postproduction but so much happened that can’t recommend the live broadcast enough.

Here are your top 10 FPO finisher at 2022 Waco 

Unfortunately, Eveliina Salonen’s (+1) putting woes were the demise of her winning potential. She 21% of her C1X putts in the final round and only 17% for the entire tournament. In the first round her 0% was understandable. Very few players were attempting putts outside 25feet with the wind. In the second round she made a few putts in C1X but had large amount of tap ins. Round three is where he putting troubles cost her the tournament. She had had to three-putt from in C1X on three different holes and two-putt five times from the same distance.  She was missing lines and appeared to lose her driving mojo because of her putting. It’s hard to throw with confidence when you struggle to make a putt outside ten feet. Eveliina Salonen took home ninth place this weekend.

Someone who did not struggle with putting on the final day was Catrina Allen (-2). In the final round Allen made 75% of her C1X putts and 50% of her C2 putts. She pushed from the fifth card to take third place over all with a course record tying eight under par. She had a devastating roll OB on hole 18 that cost her the outright course record that Ohn Scoggins (-1) set in 2021. Catrina Allen managed to tie this record with a double bogey on hole 12, this goes to show her mental resiliency out on the course. She didn’t let this one bad hole define her entire round. Catrina Allen took home a solo third place this weekend.

The other player that made a strong push for the lead was Kat Mertsch (-3). She started her round with a triple bogey on hole one. Again, this is the type of event that can and has derailed player’s entire rounds but not Kat Mertsch. She went on to birdie holes two through eight. Only missing hole three. If you haven’t seen her 101-foot throw-in on hole four in the woods, you need to find the clip. Not only is it an impressive distance to throw it in from, but she did it from off the fairway. She was 100% from C2 in round three and 80% from C1X this round. Overall, her C1X putting was 80% for the tournament. It should be noted that there are no stats on her for round one. Looking at the UDisc stats, there are stats only on hole 18. Kat Mertsch took home a tie for fourth place this weekend. She shares fourth with Ohn Scoggins.

Kristin Tattar (-5) put in a solid performance to take home second place this weekend. It was a neck and neck race between Kristin Tattar and Valerie Mandujano. Her putter was deadly this round only missing three putts inside the circle. Her drives were solid, her upshots were butter, and her putting was smooth. The three times she did find herself off the fairway she was able to scramble and save par. She kept her card free of any OB strokes and the wind didn’t seem to affect her game all that much. She made. Strong push at the end but ultimately couldn’t top the outstanding play of Valerie Mandujano. Tattar is continuing to prove that she deserves the big contract Latitude 64 gave her.

Taking home the trophy this weekend was Valerie Mandujano (-9). She shot one off Catrina Allen’s hot round at a seven under par for the day. Like Tattar, she did not find the OB according to the UDisc stats. When she was in circle one it was practically a given that she’d make the putt if she had a mostly clean line to the basket. She took two bogies early in the round on holes two and four but cleaned it up to go bogey free the rest of the round. She sealed the victory over Kristin Tattar on hole seventeen. Here she threw an aggressive forehand shot over the water to park the hole forcing Tattar to go for it. Tattar ultimately could not match the aggressive play giving Valerie Mandujano a relatively easy shot on hole eighteen for the win.

We get to see the majority of the field take on Heritage Park for the Open at Belton March 18-20. As a reminder there will be no live coverage during the first two round but there is a chance for live coverage of the final round. There is no word at the time of writing if GK Pro will have the FPO postproduction coverage.

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