April 11, 2024

What’s Next for Gannon Buhr? The Rising Disc Golf Star Makes a Bold Move


In a surprising announcement made on his personal Instagram account, Gannon Buhr announced his departure from Team Prodigy just two weeks before the start of the 2023 season, and one week before the All-Star Event he is playing. Buhr had been a member of Team Prodigy for the past six years and in that time, he had achieved significant success, including his first Junior World Championship win in 2017 and his victory at the 2022 United States Disc Golf Championship.

In his statement, Buhr acknowledged his growth as a player and a person while being a member of Team Prodigy, and he expressed that leaving the team was a difficult decision that required a great deal of thought. There had been rumors of Buhr’s departure earlier in the offseason, but the announcement of his continued sponsorship with Team Prodigy last month seemed to indicate that he was staying with the company.

Buhr’s departure from Team Prodigy raises questions about his future in the sport, as well as the potential impact on the company. He is considered one of the most promising young players in the Mixed Professional Open (MPO), and his move to a new sponsor is sure to generate speculation about his long-term prospects.

At the time of the announcement, Buhr had not revealed the identity of his new sponsor. Nevertheless, his departure from Team Prodigy is likely to shake up the competitive landscape in disc golf and create opportunities for other players and sponsors to make their mark in the sport.

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