February 23, 2024

DGPT All-Star Weekend Preview


Gear up for the DGPT All-Star Weekend! Live disc golf returns with skill competitions, thrilling doubles, and intense singles matches. Don’t miss the action starting February 16th, featuring top pros showcasing their talents. Stay tuned for updates from the press conference on February 15th at 5 pm EST. Catch every moment on the Disc Golf Network and YouTube!

The DGPT All-Star weekend is here again, and we are excited to see live disc golf again. While this isn’t representative of what we will see for the 2024 season, it will give us a chance to evaluate the players, DGN’s new streaming backend, and (hopefully) the new stat and scoring apparatus replacing UDisc. I admit that my expectations for the new stats platform with the PDGA/StatMando and DGPT are low. Exceptionally low. Hopefully, they can beat my expectations, though I expect a thorough roasting on social media when it falls short of the UDisc Live standard we are accustomed to seeing.

A quick rundown of the event schedule. On Thursday (2/15), the DGPT will have its first press conference. This kicks off at 5 PM EST. If you can’t watch it, have no fear. DGN 2.0 has added back rewind, and the VoD aspect should happen faster, but only time will tell. It will be simulcast on the DGN YouTube channel.

Missy Gannon quote for the DGPT All-Star Event
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The skills competitions will start on Friday (2/16) at 1 pm EST. This will feature a putting challenge, an accuracy challenge, and a distance challenge. Each of the MPO and FPO teams will have an extra player for each of the skills challenges. The putting will feature three non-All-Stars pros, including Morgan Lynds, Jordan Lynds, and Andrew Marwede. The accuracy challenge will feature one pro who isn’t an All-Star: Alden Harris. Finally, the distance challenge will feature five pros who are not All-Stars. Eveliina Salonen, Eliezra Midtlyng, Garret Gurthie, Albert Tamm, and Ezra Aderhold. It should be noted that the points from these events will not factor into the overall team scores for the All-Star singles and doubles competitions. These competitions will be simulcast on the DGPT YouTube channel.

The putting challenge will have a total of six stations, according to the DGPT site. There are no published details for the distances or locations at the time of writing. In previous years, the putts were focused on C1 with some obstructed looks and a deep C2 putt.

There are no specifics on the accuracy challenge. In the past, the way to throw through and around obstacles. This includes throwing to the left and right sides of trees, under a rachet strap, over a rachet strap, and through a square made of ratchet straps. The goal was to land as close to a basket as possible, with points awarded to the bullseye, C1, and C2. With no points awarded outside of C2.

The final competition is the distance challenge. Unlike normal distance competitions, the All-Star distance competition counts the total distance of where the disc stops, not where it lands. The fairway was relatively tight for a distance competition when it was held in Arizona.

On Saturday (2/17), the All-Star action kicks off with doubles. The FPO will start at 9:30 AM EST with the MPO at 2:30 PM on the Disc Golf Network. The teams will play best shot stroke play. The cards will feature Scoggins & King vs. Gannon & Handley, Weese & Blomroos vs. Hansen & Smith, and Mertsch & Valediaz vs. Allen & Hokom. The winning team will earn one point for their team.

On the MPO side, the cards are Heimburg & Proctor vs. Super Robinson Bros, Barela & Wysocki vs. Klein & Buhr, and Dickerson & Orum vs. Redalen & Gossage.

Finally, FPO will tee off for the singles match on Sunday (2/18) at 9:30 AM EST, and MPO start at 2:30 PM. The top seed from each team will face off in a normal stroke play event. The winner from each earns a point for their team, likely rendering the results of the doubles play meaningless. In the past, all events were worth one point. We will see if the DGPT updates the point structure.

What can we expect from this event? Edge-of-your-seat thrills and nonstop action? Doubtful. Likely, this will be a lighthearted entertainment product where none of the pros take it too seriously. Most of them will use this as a warm-up round before the Chess.com Invitational the following weekend.

Stay tuned for more content as we bring you any breaking news from the All-Star press conference on Thursday (2/15) at 5 pm EST.

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