February 23, 2024

Experience the Future: DGN 2.0’s Technological Leap


Discover DGN 2.0’s tech revolution in disc golf! Experience enhanced streaming, interactive features, and a new era of viewer engagement.

What if the way we experience sports media could transform entirely, transcending beyond mere spectating to a realm of immersive, interactive experiences? This is no longer a hypothetical scenario but a vivid reality unfolding through the Disc Golf Network (DGN) 2.0. Picture yourself engrossed in a disc golf tournament with enhanced streaming quality and innovative features that bring the game to life right before your eyes. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and visionary ambition, they are not just covering the sport but elevating the entire viewer experience to unprecedented heights.

A Story of Growth and Evolution

The Disc Golf Network (DGN) has journeyed from a hopeful startup to a significant player in disc golf media. Beginning with an ambitious vision by Jeff Spring, CEO of the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT), DGN aimed for 1,500 subscribers but defied expectations by reaching over 12,000. This remarkable growth, from 6,500 subscribers at the pandemic’s start to a projected 15,000, underscores DGN’s significant impact on the disc golf media landscape. This success, translating into estimated monthly revenues between $70,000 and $90,000, marks a shift in the power dynamics of disc golf media, once dominated by companies like Jomez. All numbers are based on an August 2020 interview with Ultiworld.

Revolutionary Technology Partnership

In this context of rapid growth, DGN’s partnership with Insys Video Technologies (Insys VT) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is particularly transformative. Insys VT’s expertise in developing a custom platform that caters to DGN’s unique needs, combined with AWS’s robust cloud infrastructure, has set the stage for a revolutionary user experience.

Enhanced DGN User Experience Through Advanced Technology

The collaboration leverages AWS Media Services and CloudFront CDN to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience. AWS’s capabilities ensure that DGN can stream live events reliably and in high quality, no matter the number of viewers or their location. CloudFront CDN enhances this by providing fast, smooth content delivery globally, handling traffic spikes during popular events without compromising streaming quality. Most of the subscribers have experienced at least one dropout in the last two years when a tournament reaches a crescendo in the final holes. Many customers and pundits have called for a better solution and the DGPT listened.

Insys VT’s Impact and Challenges Overcome

Insys VT’s role was pivotal in this transformation. Facing demanding project requirements and tight time constraints, they successfully migrated the entire back catalog and customer base from Vimeo OTT to a more robust, scalable, and secure platform. This new platform offers improved organizational features, live DVR functionality, and instant replay access but also empowers DGN with enhanced live-streaming capabilities, including an upgrade to 60 frames per second for supported devices. The upgrade to 60fps allows for smooth, clear motion.

Looking to the Future: Ambitious Plans and Subscriber Impact

With its enhanced streaming quality and innovative features, DGN is now better positioned to cater to its expanding subscriber base. The network plans to introduce interactive schedules and further technical upgrades to deepen fan engagement and immersion in the sport.

DGN Logo

Your Invitation to Join the DGN Revolution

The Disc Golf Network invites you to experience these exciting upgrades firsthand. The transition for subscribers is designed to be smooth, with all user data seamlessly carried over. To join the upgraded platform and witness the future of disc golf viewing, visit DGN.

A New Chapter in DGN’s History

DGN’s technological leap is not just a broadcasting upgrade; it’s a testament to the sport’s growing popularity and DGN’s commitment to enhancing how fans experience disc golf. With this upgrade, the network is not only broadcasting games; it’s revolutionizing the viewer’s journey through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

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