A New Beginning

I know it sounds pretentious but it’s the only title I could think of that could accurately describe my evolving situation. But there are a lot of changes that have happened over the course of the summer with my personal life, professional life, and my disc golf/podcast/YouTube life. Now I won’t get into any specifics when it comes to my personal and professional life; I will get into my plans for YouTube channel/podcast.

First, talking about my personal life big things are changing. My wife and I are expecting our first child. With that will come some major changes in our lives. While I plan to continue to host Joe’s Disc Golf Podcast weekly, things might change because newborns are a bit unpredictable. But I will do my best to sate your disc golf needs and feed the YouTube algorithm.

Second, as I’ve mentioned many times on the podcast and in various YouTube videos I work in sports medicine. Things have ramped up with the fall sports in full swing at this time. As you may know, balancing work and home life is a difficult task. Unfortunately, this means that on occasion the YouTube channel/podcast will take a backseat with extra content.

Third, and segueing into the bulk of this post all about the YouTube channel/podcast! My full intention is to keep doing the live podcasts on (usually) Tuesday mornings and posting the audio only podcasts on Anchor.fm/JoesDiscGolf (or where ever you get your podcasts). My goal is to grow the channel by providing breaking news and commentary. I will supplement those regular videos with disc reviews, challenges, disc golf related exercises, and any other disc golf related content.

I really enjoy giving my opinion on all the latest news in the disc golf community. Whether that is bringing attention to the various situations at Worlds or the way the PDGA has treated the FPO division. I have no problem taking heat from all sources and admitting when I have made mistakes. I am only human and mistakes do happen and I want to own up to them when they happen. My opinion may change as more information comes to light. But I will inform you of what ever the new information is. I will continue to present both sides of the issue prior to giving my opinion. I believe that I have done this so far and want to continue this. I always encourage you to follow the links to the original sources so you can form your own opinion.

If you want to chat with me, you can do so through several different options. However, the easiest is through the Joe’s Disc Golf Discord server. You can follow this link. There are plenty of topics to talk about and not just disc golf.

Finally, as you may have noticed there are some monetization options enable through ads on the audio podcast, links in the descriptions of the videos/podcasts, and now through Patreon. If you feel like supporting Joe’s Disc Golf through donations they would be greatly appreciated. All funds collected for Joe’s Disc Golf go right back into improving equipment (PC, camera, discs for review, etc.) one thing you may have noticed is that all ads that I record through Anchor.fm are a convenient, easily skippable, 30 seconds. I know ads suck but they do help support Joe’s Disc Golf.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. Thank you for supporting this disc golf media endeavor. I really appreciate everyone who has followed, subscribed, donated, and commented on any bit of media I’ve published. It really means a lot to me to know that you are watching and enjoying my content. I really love doing this and hope to one day turn this hobby into a career with your support.



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