April 11, 2024

DGPT 2024 Schedule: Elevating Disc Golf Globally


The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) is gearing up for an exhilarating 2024 season. Unveiling many events across North America that will shape the competitive landscape. The schedule is a more significant commitment to elevate the sport’s global profile, enhance fan and player experience, and contribute significantly to the 2024 DGPT Championship points.

DGPT Schedule Breakdown

The 4th annual All-Star Weekend is kicking off the season, relocating to Orlando, Florida, from 2/16-18. This precedes the inaugural DGPT, the Florida Open, from 2/23-25 at the renowned Gran Canyon course in Brooksville, FL. The Tour then spans various locations, including Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, California, Oregon, Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan, among others, wrapping up with the PDGA Pro Major Champions Cup in Appling, GA, 10/31 – 11/3. This detailed and diversified schedule represents 18 core events, with more events, specifically in Europe, yet to be announced.

DGPT Schedule

Elevating the Experience

CEO and Tour Director Jeff Spring states, “The 2024 season schedule is about making the best events in the world even better.” This vision is aligned to limit cross-country travel each season, benefiting Tour Card Holders and enhancing fans’ and players’ online and onsite experience.

DGPT Event Classification and Point Allocations

The 2024 season will substantially change event classification and point allocations. Previously, events were categorized under different designations, including Silver Events, which are being abolished from 2024. All U.S.-based DGPT tournaments now fall under the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Elite Series designation. Wins in DGPT events will be worth at least 100 points, with enhanced points in DGPT+, Playoff events, and PDGA Pro Majors, awarding 125, 150, and 200 points for wins, respectively.

DGPT Points

New and Upgraded Events

The Texas State Championship and the Beaver State Fling have been elevated from their previous Silver Event status, marking significant upgrades in the series. They join other notable tournaments like the Portland Open, the Ledgestone Open, and the Discraft Great Lakes Open, reinforcing the robust and dynamic nature of the 2024 Tour.

DGPT Global Expansion and Speculation on the European Tour

Beyond North America, the DGPT is extending its reach, with the addition of European events soon to be announced. This expansion is part of a broader global strategy to cultivate a diverse and inclusive tournament environment.

Player and Fan Experience

The focus on enhancing event statuses, innovative point allocation, introduction of new tournaments, and the strategic placement of events is well received within the disc golf community. Players and fans are excited, with many looking forward to experiencing the growth and transformation of the sport firsthand.

The 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour sets the stage for a revolutionary season. They promise elevated experiences, diverse locations, and a more cohesive and inclusive competitive environment. The strategic schedule, potential European expansion, and the overall enhancement of the sport’s profile indicate a landmark year. The community is poised to witness the sport scaling unprecedented heights, making 2024 a year to watch in disc golf.

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