April 11, 2024

Jussi Meresmaa Takes a Leave of Absence After Conviction


Wild news coming out of Jussi Meresmaa, Discmania CEO. In an Instagram post from August 22nd, 2022, Meresmaa has admitted to a “crime that will have consequences for me, my family, and my company.” He was accused, tried, and convicted of, “buy sex from adult in Sweden,” according to his post. In his post he says that he has, “cruelly broken the trust of my family and all the people who know me.” He has taken full responsibility for his actions and will take a leave of absence from Discmania.n




nPreviousnNextnnShorty after his post Discmania issued the following statement:n

n An unfortunate action has been taken by Jussi Meresmaa as an individual in Sweden in May. Jussi’s actions do no reflect our company’s values on any level. Spin18 & Discmania do not support any criminal activity.nBecause Jussi’s actions do not represent our organizations core values, Jussi will be taking an extended leave of absence to focus on his family and his well-being. He will take full responsibility for his actions.nJussi has ben convicted be a Swedish court, and he has been punished accordingly. What he did is wrong and we do not condone such behavior.nn

nnnAccording to Swedish Law, Meresmaa can be fined or face up to six months in prison. According to Wikipedia no one has been imprisoned for this and a Supremem court ruling has prevents the optional jailing back in 2006. At the time of writing no punishment has been detailed.nnMultiple questions come out of this admission of guilt. How will this affect Simon Lizotte? He talks about how close he is with Meresmaa on his vlogs. Unfortunately, this was the day after a hug win for Lizotte.nnHow will this affect the Discmania and the disc golf community as a whole? Meresmaa is a someone that people look up to in Sweden and Europe both inside and outside of disc golf. This will have a profound on the many people who look up to this business leader.nnBoth Meresmaa and Discmania have stated that this was a personal issue on personal time, however many will still have questions and direct hate towards Discmania. I believe that Discmania distancing themselves from Meresemaa for the foreseeable future is the best move they can do. I’ll be curious if this extended leave of absence will turn into something more permanent or if the public and Discmania will forgive Meresemaa allow him to return. nnI wish his family, friends, and fans the best. It’s hard to regain trust after it is broken in a manner such as this. If he truly shows contrition from his actions we should accept his apology. As I’ve said many times before words mean nothing without action and his actions need to show he is sorry. Only time will tell and we’ll keep an eye on this situation.

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