April 11, 2024

Kristin Tattar Wins Back-to-Back World Championships


The year has been a resounding crescendo for Tattar. Having secured titles across all three Majors this season, she now stands at the precipice of a momentous accomplishment. Should she triumph at the imminent United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships, her name will be eternally etched as the first FPO player to complete a sweep of the Majors within a season featuring a minimum of four such events.

In a candid moment of introspection, Kristin Tattar shared, ” I feel like I’m very lucky to have found my passion, and I don’t think every person finds it in their lifetime. But I actually found something I’m in love with, and that passion fuels my fire on the course.” Tattar’s words reverberate with her unwavering dedication and fervor for the game, qualities that have undoubtedly propelled her meteoric ascent within the expansive universe of disc golf.

Amongst a chorus of acclaim and the joyous celebration of the disc golf community, attention now converges upon Tattar’s forthcoming pursuit at the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships. The pressing inquiry on everyone’s lips: Will she once again redefine history? While the vista of the future remains cloaked in uncertainty, one thing remains unequivocally clear – endowed with an unmatched blend of talent, unyielding determination, and a profound affinity for the game, Kristin Tattar stands as an unstoppable force within the FPO division.

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