February 22, 2024

New Power Rankings Formula for 2023


After extensive evaluation, we’ve completely overhauled our power rankings formula to become a purely objective and data-driven system. We’ve developed an impartial statistical view of player performance by removing all subjectivity and opinion.

An Obsession with Objectivity

The new rankings strictly rely on crunching tournament results and ratings data through an emotionless algorithm. We’ve stripped out biased human prediction and projection to focus solely on math and metrics. Players gain or lose points based only on finishes, rating changes, field strength calculations, and trends.

Granular Analysis of Major Tournaments

Performances at Major tournaments now have an amplified impact on a player’s rating versus Silver Events. In addition, a new strength of field metrics quantifies the exact difficulty level of each Major field based on the participating talent. This enables appropriately rewarding and analyzing excellence against the highest competition.

Elite Series as the Consistency Barometer

While Majors represent the pinnacle, Elite tournaments are the best barometer for consistency. Balancing excellence across Elite events with peaking for Majors tests the full range of a player’s skills. The power rankings formula calibrates the impact of Elite finishes on the delicate ratings scale.

Responding Rapidly to Form Fluctuations

With a dynamically responsive algorithm, sudden hot streaks and slumps affect rankings quicker than ever. A smoothed average of the last eight events eliminates small sample noise while allowing dramatic rises or falls based on the latest performances. This surface-level volatility reflects the inherent variability of form.

Power Rankings Conclusions

As the 2023 season builds toward a crescendo, our impartial rankings will highlight who is rising and falling at the right time. With the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship on the horizon, each basket, stroke, and finish carries magnified importance in the new system. The final act drama will unfold directly within the stats.

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