PDGA Board Updated Mandatory Route Effective March 2, 2022


The PDGA Board of Directors just updated one of the rules, that was just updated for the 2022 season. The rule in question is 804.01 Mandatory Routes. This rule change went into effect on March 2nd, 2022.nn


Mandatory Route 804.01.C

nOn the first sentence of Part C was changed. Part C now reads, “if part of a thrown disc clearly enters into a restricted space, the player receives one penalty throw. ….” Prior to the rule change Part C read, ““if a throw clearly and completely enters into a restricted space, the player receives one penalty throw. ….” The reasoning for the the change is to address the specific case of a disc coming to rest partially in the restricted space. You can the on the mandatory route have a perfectly straight line through the sign like an OB line. However, with the OB line the disc has to be completely out of bounds before a penalty stroke is applied. Where the line for the mandatory if any part of the disc is in the restricted space the player receives a penalty stroke.nn


n nPDGA Rule Update
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Mandatory Route 804.01.D

nThe PDGA Board of Directors added a new section, Part D. it reads, “If the thrown disc is released on the other side of a restricted space compared to the rear edge of the marker disc, the player has missed the mandatory. The next lie and penalty are the same as 804.01.C.” to put it simply, if your reach back goes into the restricted area you won’t receive a penalty stroke. However if you release the disc and any part of it is in the restricted space, then you’d receive a penalty stroke and head to the drop zone or previous lie if there is no drop zone.nnIt appears that the PDGA is addressing some edge cases that have popped up in the three months that the rule has been active.nn

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