UDisc 2020 Review

Looks like it’s that time of year, again. UDisc sent out a summary of your stats from 2020. So how did you do this year? Better than you thought or worse? For me, I’m actually pretty happy with my stats. For personal reasons I took pretty much all of 2019 off from disc golf. I didn’t even start playing again until the 4th of July in 2020! Even then, I only recorded 4 rounds that month.

I can’t believe I recorded 76 rounds between August and December. Its no surprise that that the Purdue Fort Wayne (PFW) Mastodon course was my most played this year. I was really striving to perform my absolute best for this hometown tournament. Next year one of my goals is to decrease that bogey percentage and increase that birdie percentage. I think I have a few strategies and one quote that can help me out as well. These are words that I live by; spoken by the wisest 5-year-old I know, “its ok, next time just do better.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Unsurprisingly, my practice round at George Washington Park was my best round all year. Sadly, I did not perform nearly as well the next day for the official tournament. It was something like a 14 or 15 stroke swing. Hole 4 in the B position at PFW Mastodon was a hole that was designed for a forehand skip ace. Perfect curve to the right; and excellent hole to throw that skip shot. Still waiting to hit a skip ace there. I’ve hit the cage and chains enough where I don’t even flinch anymore if I hear that metallic sound. Two weeks after I really started to get back into disc golf I played the MPO layout with an MPO guy and an MP50 guy. Was that my best life choice? Not really, but I had fun getting destroyed by my favorite course. And the less said about the France Park hole 23 the better. If I remember correctly, I went OB twice on that hole. Fortunately, that second time the OB line was about 10 feet behind the basket so not as rough as it could have been.

I’m so happy to be back playing disc golf. It’s really a sport that I love playing and love sharing with my friends and family. How did you do in 2020? Let me know in the comments below or hit my up on Instagram and Twitter.

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