February 23, 2024

Eric Oakley Joins Infinite Discs


Breaking shortly after noon Eastern time Infinite Discs announced that Eric Oakley will join their team. At the time of writing there was no announcement on the Infinite Discs website or on Oakley’s YouTube channel Whale Pants. There is a video on the Infinite Discs YouTube channel that I highly recommend you spend the 5 minutes to watch.

The only print communication released that I could find came in an newsletter from Infinite Discs. In it they had this to say, “We are proud to sponsor [Eric] as he competes in the upcoming professional touring season, and we’re also excited about all of the ways in which we’ll be able to work together for the growth of the sport.”


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Oakley said that he, “…is excited to return to his roots. … There are infinite amount possibilities we’re going to dive into. ” He went on to elaborate that he originally used Roots Disc Golf Course in Salt Lake City, Utah to jump start his touring career. Him and his friend would come out every morning and play a competitive round at Roots. He is looking forward to Roots and Infinite Discs to jump his career to the next level. “…Infinite and I go so well together, is that we have been working together this whole time. … They have supported Tina and myself with doing special runs of discs from time to time. They’ve just felt like additional family.”

Those of you who really enjoyed the Eric Oakley stamped felons; have no fear! Now this is pure speculation but, I would be shocked if one, Oakley doesn’t throw at least one in the upcoming season and two, if Infinite Discs doesn’t put some sort of Eric Oakley stamp on some felons. Just given how many were in his bag when he was with Dynamic Discs I think  he will continue to rely on this disc. Infinite Discs already has a line their discs with his stamp on it.

At the end of the video he also said that he is still working to fill out his bag. He is carrying an Infinite Discs branded bag right now and is stuffed with a ton of different mold. I’m incredibly curious to see what his tournament bag is going to look like in the coming month. 

Lets remember that brand deals are a two way street. Oakley gets the backing and benefits from Infinite Discs and Infinite Discs get the benefits from Oakley. What are the benefits that Infinite Discs get from Oakley. His experience from social media and YouTube. When he was with Dynamic Discs he was in a ton of videos. Everything from in the bags to disc reviews to form/instructional videos. As of the time of this writing Dynamic Discs has 77K  YouTube subscribers compared to Infinite Discs’s 17.7K. I think Oakley’s experience working with the Dynamic Discs team, not to mention his own experience on YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram, this is going to be a big help to Infinite. Oakley also brings a substantial following to the brand. Thought, I am curious to see how many fans will follow him from DD to Infinite.


Oakley’s social media presence, physical presence, and overall boisterous personality is a great counter balance to the more reserved and business oriented Drew Gibson. You have to wonder how many pros are going to jump to Infinite or at the very least a similar company that allows for a mixed bag. Looks like the 2021 off-season is shaping up to be an exciting one!


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