Latitude 64 Co-Owner of Kastaplast


Announced earlier today, Latitude 64 is now part owner of Kastaplast Discs. This leaves many Kastaplast left wondering if their plastic will remain the same. While some are speculating that Latitude 64 will change the feel of their beloved discs. Latitude 64 seems to be taking the Highlander approach to disc golf manufacturing. nn

nnCEO Anders Källström reassured fans that  the Kastaplast discs will have the same plastic and overall feel that the discs are known for. Since the company was founded in 2013, they’ve seen steady growth until the COVID19 disc golf boom. Kastaplast’s Berg is the most popular disc around. I hadn’t heard of the company until about 18 months ago and now it seems like everyone has at least a Berg. nnKastaplast is in a position where they feel like they need to expand to meet the ever-growing demand. They believe that partnering with Latitude 64, “will add valuable experience to Kastaplat.” With that also comes a move from Stockholm to Skellefteå, Sweden. Later this year Kastaplast will move all their production to Skellefteå.nnA vocal decent portion of fans have voiced concerns on Twitter and Facebook hoping that Latitude 64 won’t change the feel of the Kastaplast plastic. Several have cited the change to the Discmania plastic since Latitude 64 started helping Discmania with production and design. This is a different circumstance. Discmania did not own the rights to many aspects of their discs, Innova did. in this situation Kastaplast still have the plastic recipe, the molds, and names. Nothing should change with the original discs and molds other than increased availability. I could see Kastaplast adding a Royal Line type of plastic just like Dynamic Discs is doing with the Supreme Line of discs. nnWhat are your thoughts on Latitude 64 owning a portion of Kastaplast? Will it be a good move for them? Let me know what your think in the comments below!nn

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