April 10, 2024

MPO Power Rankings Update Post Blue Ridge


The 2023 Joe’s Disc Golf Power Rankings are here, showcasing the top 25 players in professional disc golf. These rankings are based on their performance up to the Blue Ridge Championship. With the first major event of the year, the Champions Cup, fast approaching, these rankings offer insight into the current state of the disc golf scene. Let’s dive into the rankings and take a closer look at the top contenders!


The power rankings are calculated based on a combination of factors, including player performance, consistency, and recent results. These factors are weighted and analyzed to create a comprehensive ranking of the top players in the sport. As the season progresses, the rankings will be updated to reflect the ever-changing landscape of the disc golf world.


Top 25 Power Rankings: Below is the list of the top 25 players in the current power rankings. These players have shown exceptional skill and consistency on the course, earning them a spot on this prestigious list.

  1. Calvin Heimburg
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  3. Gannon Buhr
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  5. Kyle Klein
  6. nnnn
  7. Adam Hammes
  8. nnnn
  9. Cole Redalen
  10. nnnn
  11. Paul McBeth
  12. nnnn
  13. Eagle McMahon
  14. nnnn
  15. Ezra Aderhold
  16. nnnn
  17. Joel Freeman
  18. nnnn
  19. Chris Dickerson
  20. nnnn
  21. Isaac Robinson
  22. nnnn
  23. Väinö Mäkelä
  24. nnnn
  25. Aaron Gossage
  26. nnnn
  27. Mason Ford
  28. nnnn
  29. Nikko Locastro
  30. nnnn
  31. Alden Harris
  32. nnnn
  33. Corey Ellis
  34. nnnn
  35. Jakub Semerád
  36. nnnn
  37. Scott Withers
  38. nnnn
  39. Austin Turner
  40. nnnn
  41. Bradley Williams
  42. nnnn
  43. Eric Oakley
  44. nnnn
  45. James Proctor
  46. nnnn
  47. Garrett Gurthie
  48. nnnn
  49. Andrew Presnell
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Upcoming Major Event: Champions Cup The next event on the horizon is the Champions Cup at W.R. Jackson in Appling, GA. This major tournament will surely shake up the power rankings as players compete for the title and a chance to solidify their position among the disc golf elite. Keep an eye on these top contenders as they battle it out on the challenging course at W.R. Jackson.


The 2023 Joe’s Disc Golf Power Rankings provide an exciting glimpse into the competitive world of professional disc golf. As the season progresses and players vie for position in the rankings, fans can look forward to intense competition and thrilling performances. Stay tuned for updates and analysis as the 2023 disc golf season continues to unfold!


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