February 23, 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of Joe’s Disc Golf’s power rankings for the top 25 MPO players—a much-needed update after many months without our rankings. This pivotal update introduces a revised algorithm to make our MPO disc golf rankings more accurate and insightful than ever.

Understanding the Algorithm

We’ve made fundamental changes to better capture today’s MPO division:

  • Rankings consider the last eight tournaments
    • Minimum three events played
  • Majors hold significant weight
  • Elite Events carry more importance than Silver Events
  • Skipping Silvers has little effect

The new formula elevates today’s top players to the highest spots, passing the eye test. With tight battles shaping up down the list, rising talents are poised to climb the rankings based on recent performances.

Read on for the complete top 25 breakdown. We look forward to even more excitement as the rankings evolve throughout the remainder of the 2023 season!

Without further ado, here are the post Discmania Open Power Rankings:

  1. Calvin Heimburg
  2. Eagle McMahon
  3. Ricky Wysocki
  4. Simon Lizotte
  5. Isaac Robinson
  6. Gannon Buhr
  7. Cole Redalen
  8. Kyle Klein
  9. Chris Dickerson
  10. Ezra Robinson
  11. Väinö Mäkelä
  12. Corey Ellis
  13. Nikko Locastro
  14. Matthew Orum
  15. Lauri Lehtinen
  16. Niklas Anttila
  17. Kevin Jones
  18. Bradley Williams
  19. Jakub Semerád
  20. Chris Clemons
  21. Grady Shue
  22. James Proctor
  23. Gregg Barsby
  24. Chandler Kramer
  25. Aaron Gossage

The Top 5

Mr. Consistent, Calvin Heimburg has taken the number one spot in the debut of our rankings. Week in and week out, Heimburg consistently finishes in the top three, with an uncanny ability to avoid bogeys. His metronomic putting and drives make him a model of consistency. We expect Heimburg to finish the season strong.

After skipping a significant portion of the season due to his shoulder injury, Eagle McMahon played well enough over the last several tournaments to finish second on our rankings. Now that he appears to be fully recovered, McMahon is showing flashes of the forehand distance and creativity that make him one of the most exciting players to watch.

Ricky Wysocki is in the third spot after dealing with a Lyme disease flare-up earlier this season. While he struggled with wrist swelling and pain in the spring, Wysocki has made a remarkable late-season surge back into title contention. His unmatched course management and scrambling abilities could give him an edge down the stretch.

Simon Lizotte is in the fourth spot despite his propensity for mental lapses in the Majors. When he’s focused, the Simon Line is practically unbeatable. He’ll need to maintain his composure to claim another big win.

Rounding out the top five is Isaac Robinson, who catapulted onto the scene by winning Worlds in dominant fashion and winning his second Major in a record-breaking time. Boasting elite distance and consistency, Robinson has continued his stellar play all season long. He appears poised to become a perennial championship contender.

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