Welcome to the latest edition of Joe’s Disc Golf’s power rankings for the top 25 FPO players—a much-needed update after many months without our rankings. This pivotal update introduces a revised algorithm to make our women’s disc golf rankings more accurate and insightful than ever.

Understanding the Algorithm

We’ve made fundamental changes to better capture today’s FPO division:

  • Rankings consider the last eight tournaments
    • Minimum two events played
  • Majors hold significant weight
  • Elite Events carry more importance than Silver Events
  • Skipping Silvers has little effect

The new formula elevates today’s top players to the highest spots, passing the eye test. With tight battles shaping up down the list, rising talents are poised to climb the rankings based on recent performances.

Read on for the complete top 25 breakdown. We look forward to even more excitement as the rankings evolve throughout the remainder of the 2023 season!

It should be noted that due to Paige Pierce’s injury during a European Open practice round, she is not on the list. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to her competing in the 2024 season.

Without further ado, here is the post Discmania Open Power Rankings:

  1. Kristin Tattar
  2. Missy Gannon
  3. Ohn Scoggins
  4. Heidi Laine
  5. Holyn Handley
  6. Henna Blomroos
  7. Maria Oliva
  8. Ella Hansen
  9. Jennifer Allen
  10. Hailey King
  11. Eveliina Salonen
  12. Kat Mertsch
  13. Sarah Hokom
  14. Cadence Burge
  15. Silva Saarinen
  16. Valerie Mandujano
  17. Macie Velediaz
  18. Alexis Mandujano
  19. Anniken Steen
  20. Jessica Weese
  21. Madison Walker
  22. Stacie Rawnsley
  23. Holly Finley
  24. Keiti Tätte
  25. Ali Smith

The Top 5

To no one’s surprise, Kristin Tattar takes the top spot in our power rankings. Her dominance over the 2022 and 2023 seasons is remarkable; everyone is waiting with bated breath to see if she can pull off the season Grand Slam. A feat that, until the Champions Cup was introduced in 2022, was nearly impossible as there were rarely four Majors in one season.

After impressive performances at the World Championship and Ledgestone, Missy Gannon takes the number two spot on the list. This season, she has emerged as one of the few to push Kristin Tattar consistently. Missy Gannon is proving to be a top-level competitor.

Ohn Scoggins is third in the rankings. The win at DGLO was enough to push her into third. Scoggins has had a consistent season, finishing near the top at most tournaments.  With her accurate drives and stellar putting, Scoggins is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in FPO. We wish her a speedy recovery after her DNF at Worlds.

Sitting in fourth is Heidi Laine. Her second-place finish at the European Open and twelfth at Worlds pushed her to fourth in the Joe’s Disc Golf Power Ranking. She has dominated the EuroTour and European Pro Tour. With performances like that, hopefully, we will see her more in the 2024 season. (EuroTour and European Pro Tour events do not affect the power rankings.)

Rounding out the top five is Holyn Handley. Handley has continued her incredible growth throughout the 2023 season after bursting onto the scene in 2022. Handley has the skills necessary to continue to rise in the sport.

  • Silva Saarinen and Keiti Tätte represent the rising talent of the next generation of European FPO disc golfers.
  • Jennifer Allen and Sarah Hokom continue to defy age as viable contenders, with Juliana Korver just missing the Top 25.
  • Recent poor finishes at DGLO, Idlewild, and Ledgestone see veteran Catrina Allen miss the Top 25.

And there is The Joe’s Disc Golf Power Rankings as of September 13, 2023. What do you think? Are we way off, or did we nail it on the head?

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